Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet the Teacher..

We headed off to Meet The Teacher on Thursday and Carter could not be more excited! He was put in Mrs. Willis Class who is FANTASTIC and to make it even better he best friend Alex was also in that class.
Look how cute those 2 are. These 2 have been friends since they were 1 and are a perfect mix. It is pretty funny because they are almost complete opposites of each other but they are so cute together!
Kate thought that she would fit right into Kinder too...She went over and found the kitchen center and was content for the 20 minutes just talking away on the phone. I am not sure where she see's that?!
Such mixed emotions about starting school...it is kinda the beginning of the end. Now he is in for YEARS! I know that he is so excited and so ready but it is just such a big step. I am sad that he is out of my house and watchful eye more then he is in it. He has just had such a little protective bubble surrounded with people who think he is wonderful and great! It is such a double edge sword or watch your kids grow up: so much fun BUT so scary!! You just hope as a parent you have taught them enough!

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Foulgers said...

Awwww, Yay Carter! Now time for the "passed -out" story :)