Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chandler Pool

The summer has come to an end for us...If only this stinkin heat would leave with summer being over. We snuck in one more trip to the kids favorite swim spot...
My little fish, Kate is in her element there!
Carter acts likes he owns the joint...Once again the King of the High Dive...

Here he is climbing the ladder...the 9 year old boys behind him were asking how old Carter was. Then they were teasing their friend because he was too nervous to go off and a 5 year old would. Boys they are so mean!

Showing off his new float/back stroke he learned from grandma ski!
Carter even talked Nana into going down with him too...I missed that picture!
Catch me if you can!
Our summer finished with a few more swim parties and LOTS of play dates and indoor activities. It has been a great summer and it is always so sad to be done. I am not ready for early mornings and packing lunches and homework. I think we all are going to be missing Ms. Teddie and her 9am start time. Although I am sad to see summer gone I am already in count down mode until it starts to cool down. Are we there yet?!

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