Monday, August 25, 2008

Viva Las Vegas....

This weekend we had a very quick trip to Vegas to visit some college friends! Three of Kody's Ricks roommates, wives and kids all met up! It is always so fun to get together and see everyones growing family! Here is Carter relaxing on the long car drive!
On Saturday we went on Lake Mead all day! The kids LOVED it! The crazy 3 year olds...Keedon, Baylor and Carter!

It is so fun to see all of these guys as dads now....they are all so great with their kids!

Baylor and Carter were fast friends since they both have a LOVE for sports...that was until 20 minutes before we left and he bit Baylor! WHAT!
Keedon is the oldest of the 3 boys in their family...they were so cute and so GOOD!
My worst fear did happen on this trip though.....notice what you DO NOT see in this picture....
Yes, the SNAKE that was supposed to be in the cage got out while we were the last night, the snake was just somewhere in the house! Last time it got out, her sister found it in her purse! Needless to say Kody had to check the bed multiple times at night and had to empty every bag before we put them in our car.....Hopefully Striker did not come home to Phoenix with us!
On our way out of town my boys had to of course stop by their favorite place, I am not sure who likes it more....Kody or Carter!
Carter loves everything about ESPN ZONES...being able to eat and watch a million TVs & of course the games afterwards.....bowling and hoops!

Thanks Tiff & C-Jay for letting us take over your house! Your guys are the best!

Lesson Learned!

Carter helps make smoothies almost every night for dinner, and the night before Kody went to go grab some more fruit from the fridge and Carter pulled a crazy twist move and fell right off the counter and bumped his chin pretty heard! (He has been watching too much Olympics!) So the next night when Kody asked Carter if he wanted to help he said..."Oh yeah one minute!" He turns around and runs to the toy room and come back with this on:
He was not going to risk getting hurt again....lesson learned!
You can see the little bump on his chin from the night before! He was so proud of him self!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

28 Weeks....

Well I am officially into my 3rd trimester which is great and scary all at the same time. Great because she will be here soon....Scary because she will be HERE soon! We went on Friday and got an ultrasound...she is just shy of 3 pounds and looks healthy. Kody could not believe how much she already has Carter's profile...can't wait to see what see looks like when she is out! (This is a profile shot of her head, tummy and little arm and hand in the back!) Amazing! Pregnancy Update: (My friend did this on her blog and I loved I decided to copy! Thanks Natalie!

Current Cravings: Anything with Citrus in it....Thank goodness for Costco Fruit, Thai Food and Smoothies.

Favorite Part about Being Pregnant: She is moving like is always so fun to feel the baby move, although I think in the next few weeks I may not enjoy it as much as I can tell she is getting much stronger!

Least Favorite Part about Being Pregnant: Feeling like my inner body temperature is 150 degrees! Our electric company loves us this summer though! And of course not being able to sleep on my stomach anymore!

Most Worried About: How Carter is going to handle having to "share" his house with someone else! he has been the king of the castle for 3 years now....He loves the idea of Baby Kate...but I think his tune might change once she comes to stay!

Most Excited About: The bows, ribbons and pink! It has been so fun buying things that do not have sports on them! Little girls clothes are so much more fun to buy...the down side is that it is hard to just buy the dress and not the shoes, head band, and tights too!

I am so excited to have a new little one in the house....I am trying to figure out a safe place to put her though so she doesn't have to worry about bats, balls, blocks and other toys flying at her face!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Very Predictible....

So as I was going through Carter's backpack earlier I noticed that he had a name sheet that he had worked on....he was so proud of himself. Notice the "C's" for Carter all over the paper....
It was not until later that I turned it over and saw these.....any guesses?
When I asked him he looked at me like I was dumb and said...."Oh, those are baseballs on tees!" Of course what was I thinking....ahhh my little man has a one track mind!

Teddie Bear Corner PreSchool....

Well it is official...Carter's first day of school is here! I can't believe it, he has gotten so big so fast! Doesn't it seem so appropriate to wear a Steve Nash shirt on the first day of school. It was quite the battle to not have him wear the purple shorts too! (They now are WAY to small, but he likes them just the same!)
Watch out Mrs. Teddie....and good luck!
My cute little man!
He picked out a new Spiderman backpack for school, (There were no sports ones at Target!) and has been talking about it for weeks!
When I picked him up from school he had huge smile on his face..."I went to school! I went to school! I get to come back tomorrow too!" He was so excited that he had some projects that he made too! He did not take his backpack off until nap time!

First Day Run-Down:
Me: So how did we do?!
Mrs Teddie: He was great! I can tell he has a lot of energy and has a hard time sitting still....but we can work on that. We also had to have a little talk about how we only throw balls, not toys when we are cleaning up.
Carter: I cried mom, I cried!
Mrs. Teddie: Yes, he got a little upset when he did not get what he wanted! But I told him we get what we get and then he stopped crying!
Carter: I'm so proud of me, and I went potty on the toilet! Don't go potty in your skives!
Mrs. Teddie: We will see you tomorrow Carter!
Me: Are you sure!?

Well my little man is very predictable....I hope that he will be able to get the hang of a little structure and order! I am thinking I might have to throw in a little extra every month in my tuition checks. Mrs. Teddie is wonderful though and I know that he is in good hands!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet the Teacher!

I can't believe my baby is old enough for Pre-School! This morning we had Meet the Teacher! This is is darling teacher...Mrs. Teddie! She runs the Preschool from her home and has been doing it for years! It is so wonderful because she is in our ward and all the other little kids are also they are able to do scripture of the month and other things too!
This morning when we were talking about going and seeing Ms. Teddie and Carter said,..."Mom does Mrs. Teddie have crazy hair?" I looked him and said no but she has shorter hair then mommy. He thought about that for a minute...."Oh yeah she has hair like Coleman!"
I love that he is so observant. He saw Mrs. Teddie at church the day before and was trying to put everything together....such a smart boy!
Here is his little cubby! I am so excited for him and this big step! Hopefully he will love it and follow directions! YIKES!

Starry Safari..

Last weekend we went with some friends to the the Zoo for the Starry Safari...It was smokin' hot, but Carter LOVED it! They had bounce houses, water slides, water shooters and more! Plus there were even a few animals still awake!
Carter had just put his face right over the sprayer and got blasted...the thought it was hilarious!
All night he wanted to go down a little water I waited in line for 25 minutes...then when it was his turn, Carter started screaming.."NO IT IS ONLY FOR BIG GUYS!" Needless to say he did not go down and we went straight home. I wish I would of gotten picture of him screaming in front of the year maybe!

Pioneer Day...

It has been so long since I posted anything...Yikes! But this year we took Carter to the temple on Pioneer Day, we heard there were going to be activities. Well, not activities that held Carter's attention! He went running through the visitors center touching everything! There were some choir groups & music playing and Carter was turning on all the audio videos that played out loud! A little distracting~So needless to say we did not last more then 20 minutes......maybe we will try in a few more years!
He did think it was pretty neat though! It was fun to see how excited he got we he say the big statue of Christ! He was a little mad that he could not get in the wter outside! Very tempting when it is 110 degrees!