Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Pump-Up

Even though it is still 106 degrees here we got out our Halloween Stuff, I just could not wait any longer! Therefore, the costumes came out too! I was trying to get Carter all Pumped Up about being Nemo & having Kate be Bruce! (Kody is a little embarrassed about the idea!) 
Carter is not COMPLETELY sold on the idea yet either! Pretty Cute Though!

He thought the tail was the best part!
Kate had some mixed feelings about being Bruce too....
She defiantly has shark like qualities in the "eating" department!

SO we will see what really happens as time gets closer....I have this strange feeling that Carter will end up being either a Cardinals or a Suns Player and Kate will be a Cheerleader! 
Wish me LUCK!

The Nana Turns 50!

Last weekend we had a family picnic for Nana's 50th Birthday! You would never guess she was that old; she looks great, is full over energy, and can get more done before 6 am then I can get done all day! She's AMAZING!
Another sad attempt of trying to get all the cousins to look and smile.  Notice my kids are looking at me and Ty's kids are looking at him....
Cute Nana & Papa.  This is the 1st picture I have of Papa with out a moustache! He has had one for the past 30+ years! We have been bugging him for years to shave....he looks GREAT!
Kody and his brother and sister!
Happy, Happy Birthday Nana! Thank you for your example and all that you do for our family! We love you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here is my VERY sorry attempt of trying to get a picture with both of the kids actually looking at the camera.  But Carter would not open his eyes and Kate had NO smiles...Honestly!
This is more typical.  Carter being "silly" and Kate trying to crawl away from her brother!

After a million shots and no smiles I finally gave up..

Of course as soon as I brought her inside! CHEESE! 
I guess maybe in 15 years we might get another family picture with everyone smiling and looking a the camera, until then.....

Jr. Chef's

I hope everyone has that friend that is truly amazing in all aspects, awesome mom, creative, fun, just plain great! Meet Molly! When I grow up I want to be just like HER! 
She is holding a Jr. Chef's Cooking Class these next few months and now that Carter is 4 he gets to go.  She takes 10 kids and does themed activities and cooks with them.  
Last week was All About Apples! Started off by reading The Giving Tree!

So cute and good listeners!
Let the cooking begin....

Carter and it seems other boys his age are in the "silly" stage.  It's awesome!
Molly and the kids made apple quesadillas, apple/snicker salad, & applesauce muffins! Yummy! They also made necklaces and bracelets out of Apple Jax! Carter had a  great time! 
Next week is What's In Your Lunch Box? Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Very Healthy!"

Kit Kat had her check-up a few days ago and Dr. Barnes saw her and laugh and said she looks: "Very Healthy!" Then said "I assume she enjoys her food?!" Yes she does!
(Ignore the wild hair...she pulls at it all day now!)
10 Month Stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 4oz~90%
Height: 30 1/2 in~95%
Head: 75% 
Hair: Still growing in the reverse mullet pattern, although I think she is getting curl 
Bangs: Been cut 4 times
Comfort: Sucks thumb and plays with hair at the same time when tired
Teeth: 4
Food: ANYTHING!! Avocado, pizza crust, grilled cheese, any fruit, yogurt, ice cream
Toy: Anything that is Carter's
Place: Toilet or Carter's "special" toys
Clothes: Naked
Lovey: Mini zebra and pink blanket
*Getting her nose wiped
*When you take something away from her
*When you say "All done" at dinner time
*Her Car-seat
We love you Kate! You are so much fun. So animated and happy! 
Just stop growing so fast I don't think I ever want you to be a teenager!

Last Game of the Season

It is always sad when a season ends...I don't think the DBacks are sad though seeing as it was a ROUGH year! All the same Carter loved the games: 
The Food, The Mini Field, The Slides, The JumboTron, & Everything Else!
Kate made it to a few games this year and another fan was born! She loved the music and clapping!
Thanks Nana & Papa for a GREAT night!

Birthday PALOOZA!!

Better late then NEVER! On September 6th Carter turned 4! 
(Sometimes I think ONLY..he just wants to be 8 and then I think I can't believe he is 4, it seems like he was just born!)
Carter had a two week birthday that actually spread across states.  It first started out with cupcakes for preschool.  I told him to show me his number.....# 1 of course! 
The child has self confidence!
Fine I am 4!
Yes, the helmet was a present and it goes everywhere: 
Preschool, grocery store, target, Costco.  I did draw the line at church.
Then a party at Nana's and Papa's....Notice the Helmet!
Then off to California to celebrate with family...
Birthday breakfast of Champions! Donuts, Bacon, & Strawberries!
Cousins! Kate slept through the whole party, she had already been to enough!
Best Friend/Cousin.....Newly Shaved!
Melly and Porter made him a blanket! Go Giants!
Yes more cupcakes....Seriously!
No birthday is complete without a pinata...

Finally back to Phoenix to a little friends party! 

Whew! Next year one cake & 5 candles!
My "Big Little" Carter has turned into quite the man full of personality, determination, & passion.  He does nothing half way! We are so happy to have him in our family.  
Keeps us moving and on our toes! We love you BIG guy! 

*Anything Cardinals & BYU...since it is football season
*Loves anything with the Cars for Disney
*Loves to play any and every sport and is already MUCH better then his mom
*Loves pizza, peaches, & yogurt

Friday, September 11, 2009


As crazy as it seems Kate seems to be more physically advanced then what Carter was at this age. Kate sat and crawled a month earlier, and now has decided this past month that it would be a good idea to start trying to climb up on everything. 
Here's hoping she does not figure out how to get out of her crib earlier!
This is her new favorite spot in the whole house! 
She will stand here FOREVER just talking at the top of her lungs!
The gate is now permanently up now.  Kate can sense it right away when I forget to put it up!

My Little Kate is not so Little anymore...where has time gone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

California Dreamin...

When you hit the beach on the perfect day it is Heaven! 
No winds, 80 degrees, & great company! It does not get much better! 
Kody was defiantly ready to heat the beach in his sweet shorts! 
(He forgot his so had to borrow, needless to say he is a bit taller then then men in my family! Scary enough he found nothing wrong with them and wore them proudly all day!)
Carter was ready!
Kate was in PARADISE! She has never been to the beach before and could crawl around!
 She loved the ocean, the sand, and eating the sand! Yum!
First thing straight to the fear!
We had to pull her out, the cold did not even bug her!

Eating the sand was a definite highlight for her!
Cute Aunt Melly & Uncle Porter!
Drew was quite the little stud on the boogie board!
Carter was a little more hesitant then his sister and cousins: he went to got check it out first!

Then grabbed Sammie for some reinforcement! Off they went with Sammie leading the charge!
Breaking it down?! Thinking about it?!
Then they are off....
In and out a MILLION times..
Thank goodness for BRAVE Sammie Lou!
After we had to keep pulling Kate out of the water we tried to keep her on the blanket...
She did not seem to have the same plan...
She was obviously trying to see how much sand she could actually consume and wedge in her diaper and leg rolls.....

Needless to say I think she took home 1/2 the beach!
It was the perfect END to a GREAT day!