Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Years IN......

Carter had his last day of Preschool today with Ms. Teddie. He has gone 2 years and will go back 1 more year. We are so grateful for Ms. Teddie and all she does for Carter. She is truly magic. Here are some updates on Carter this year in school:
*Grew 2 1/4 inches
*Knows all of his letters & sounds
*Knows all of his shapes & colors
*Can write his first name and most of the letters
*Knows & can write his numbers to 20.....
(can count much high as we have learned on road trips)
*Knows all of his months and days of the week
(This picture was taken the 1st day of school)
We are so proud of you buddy for working so hard and making good choices!
Only 25 years of school left!

Perfect for a HOT Summer Day!

Vicki was in charge of a class party and Carter was lucky enough to get some of the extra slushes! As Carter said, "This is PERFECT for a HOT summer day!"
I did not tell him it will still heat up about 30 degrees!
Yes, he did name all the flavors: Red like Cardinals, Blue like BYU & Duke, & Yellow like Suns.
(Yes, he is wear a BYU football uniform! Pretty Sweet huh!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nap Time...

Carter loves when Kate goes down for her nap because that is when WE get to work on "HIS" projects! Most kids like building castles with blocks & legos or playing with play-do...Not my little man we build fields and line up helmets on their matching team flags! AWESOME huh!
Once we got them all lined up he was missing 4 teams...therefore we spent the next 45 minutes looking under every cushion and bed looking for them! No luck..Nuts!
He was so proud of himself! I have to say he has quite the memory he can name EVERY team and where they from! He is quite the combo of OCD & craziness! Love the BIG LITTLE MAN!


The other day I heard loud crashing sounds followed by clapping and cheering coming from the toy room! I could not figure out what was going on! As I walked in Carter explained that he was playing that game were you throw the ball at the plates with a baseball and try to break at Santa Cruz!
Then he proceed to show me:
Step 1: Set up the dishes on the shelf
Step 2: Wind-Up
Step 3: Aim & Let it fly
Step 4: Victory...Knock them ALL off the shelf
Step 5: Kate aka THE CHEERLEADER claps & screams as loud as she can!
Notice Carter is in FULL ASU gear...Kate would only let him sneak a sticker on her. But that was enough to qualify her as an ASU cheerleader!

Utterly Delicious!

For Carter's last field trip of the year we went to an Ice Cream Parlor and got a tour! The kids were so excited! As you can tell they could not wait to get let in!
Here is Farmer Casey talking to the kids about how he makes the ice cream....
Then they got to go in the freezer and close the door...they were all a little nervous!
Then the BEST part....The Ice Cream!
Carter & Ethan!
The preschoolers and Farmer Casey!
Thank you Ms. Teddie for planning such a fun field trip! I don't think it gets much better then having Ice Cream at 10 in the morning!

Monday, May 17, 2010

We HEART Max....

Carter & Max Spring 2010
For the past few years Carter & Max have been on some of the same teams. It has been so fun to watch them play and grow up together! Plus it has been great having friends for us to watch with!
We Love Max!
Carter & Max Winter 2009
Carter & Max Spring 2009
Carter & Max Fall 2008

So fun....we will be so sad when he ages up!

End of the Road...

Another season in the books & it was a GREAT one! Carter had a great coach and team and played amazingly! (Can you tell I am a proud mom!) He was the youngest on the team and could definitely hold his own in the skills department...still need a little work in the listening and keeping hands to himself department. With batting about 36 times he only had to use the T in the very first inning in the very first game! (Can you tell a proud dad kept track of that stat!) It was a great experience and we will be back next year for a new season!
Coach Ron had 3 rules for his Yankee Team:
1. Listen to the coach
2. Try your BEST
3. Have fun!
Here he is asking the kids the 3 rules...Carter remembered HAVE FUN!
The most important part of the season..trophies! Coach Ron described Carter as ALWAYS having a smile on his face and being an excellent hitter!
The proud owner of some new hardware...
There was lots of swimming....Carter & Max......
Lots of cannon balls....
Lots of friends....
And Kate found LOTS of TREATS!
Her famous OHHHHH!!!

Kit Kat is the girl of many faces...she ate that whole cupcake and was so pleased with herself!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ASU vs BYU Baseball...

Last night we headed out to the ASU v. BYU game with some can see where the alliance stands! We enjoyed perfect weather, plenty of snacks, tons of playing, and MANY home runs. Could not have been better!
Crazy faces...
Can you tell both of their mouths are chuck full of snacks..
The ASU crew...
Kit Kat thought she was in HEAVEN! Between the endless snacks, balls, and random strangers to talk too...she could not stop smiling all night!
Here hands looked like this ALL night, the snack would just change...
Cute Vicki and Sierra...
Kate also discovered SPRITE! She is used to watered down juice so once she got a taste of this she was not giving it up...
She had vacuum lips to the straw!
Once in awhile she would come up for air!
Jenna & Carter rolling down the grass hill!
Most of The Munchkins....
Kate having absolutely NO stranger danger would go up to college girls and take their cell phones and would go up to old men and take their drinks....then she would try to talk to them in her jabber talk!
Carter loved every minute.....needless to say he was a little tired on the way home!
It was a great night...hopefully we can sneak in a few more before it gets WAY to hot!

Mother's Day Lunch..

Today at preschool Carter had a Special Mother's Day Lunch. They sang songs, made us cookies, and made us these cute flowers! These are the kind of flowers I can actually keep alive too!
Miss Teddie is the best! She truly has been such a blessing for both Carter and myself. She is so patient and loving we could not have asked for a better preschool teacher.
Thank you buddy for making me feel so special! I am so glad I get to be your mommy!