Thursday, December 31, 2009

Papa PlayDate!

Carter is a lucky boy to have such an amazing Papa! Over the break Carter has been able to have a few playdates with just Papa and him, and Carter is in HEAVEN! They get to go and do what he wants(Which normally includes a trip to Dick's, Golfsmith, The Puppy Store, Sport Authority & The Bike Shop!) and on his time frame...yesterday after they had lunch and went to Bass Pro Shop to check out the fish and other animals they went on a hike....
Carter loves spending time with him and thinks Papa is the best!
After a day full of fun and a 2 mile hike Carter had all the fun he could handle....
I am so grateful for the relationship Papa & Nana have created with my children. They are amazing examples to them, it really does take a village to raise children, and I willing to take all the help I can get!
I am so thankful for all the time, unconditional love, & PATIENCE they show our kids.....
We love you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I can not believe the difference between girls and boys from the beginning!
Everything & Anything pink and sparkly Kate LoVeS! Her head almost explodes when we walk down the girl isles at Target....I Love it! After years of sports and SWEET jerseys I am fully willing to embrace ALL that is PINK!
We have been having sippy issues I can not seem to find one that doesn't leak, spill, or break. So last night I brought home this one: When Kate saw it she went NUTS!After the squeaking & squawking she got it! Needless to say she was PUMPED!
Then the issue arose of trying to hold the New Sippy and her Phone that she has been carrying around since Christmas...she could not hold both and walk at the same time!
Then Kate found a system to hold them together....
Then she started walking around with her sippy rocking it like she does her baby..."NIIICCEEE!"
This process went on for about 30 minutes and she still never really figured it out..notice the sippy is now upside down, but still was a victory in her book! It was so funny!
Here is just a small piece of my morning and the COMPLETE difference of Boys & Girls.
I was in the kitchen and I could hear this from Carter,
"Don't move Kit Kat, Here I come Kit Kat, You better shake it Kit Kat!"
Then I turn the corner and see this:
Notice Kate is so used to him that she is not even phased by him...she is playing with her phone!

After I quickly took at picture I started talking "loudly",
"Carter we DO NOT point guns at our sister!"
He quickly said, "But mom I was just pointing it at the wall!"
He was totally busted, I had caught him on camera!
Boys & Girls=Good Times & Funny Conversations!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I LoVe this picture....It really does just sum up Christmas Morning. This was his face in the morning once he was allowed to come out of his room! Kids are the BEST!

Here they are checking out the loot and what Santa brought them....
My mom gave Kate a kitchen which I think Carter loves just as much! Kate carried around the phone all morning says, "HELLLOOO, DADA!"
Nana & Papa & Aunt Mandi came over in the morning to experience the Christmas Magic and have breakfast...I love Christmas Time!
We finished the day off with lunch and presents at Nana & Papa's, an hour with the Pitching Machine (Not sure who had more fun Carter or Kody & Ty)...
Then off to the Suns Game! I know, seriously the Suns game on Christmas, but we really could not think of anything that would make the day better then watching Steve Nash play for Carter!

Now only 12 more months until next year, Carter is already asking how much longer!

Christmas Eve 2009....

For the first time EVER in my life I had Christmas Eve at home with my little family. Normally it is filled with tonz of family, and fun chaos, just craziness, so it seemed very quite. It was a fun chance though to start our own Christmas Traditions. Of course we made cookies for Santa and got out 9 pieces of celery for the Reindeer.
(Carter loves celery so he was sure the Reindeer would like that much better then carrots!)
Also Mrs. Claus came while we were gone and brought PJ's!
Weird, Kate with her HUGE mouth!
Then this year I hid a new family game and Carter had to find it and we played it a few times before bed.
Carter aka Mr. MapQuest is extremely directional, he always knows where he is going. So all night he kept checking google maps to see where Santa was. Every 10 minutes he would yell from his door, "Hey where is Santa now!" Kody eventually brought the computer up to show him he was getting close and he better go to bed! SO MAGICAL!
I wish that Carter could stay 4 for every Christmas because he was SO excited about EVERYTHING!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Pics....

The worst part about Christmas Sunday is getting the kids all dressed up and trying to take pictures! I told Carter to go get his clothes on and he came down in this? Really?!
My Little Kit Kat is an open mouth smiler & and a runner...all her pictures are on the go!
There's the Big Man!
(He dropped a book on his nose while he was reading in bed a few nights ago, I would say the book one!)
Here is an okay one, but the best of the bunch...I give up!
The Princess...The Wild Princess!
Some families get quite, obedient children that smile at the camera and sit patiently.....
Us on the other hand get Little Hams and WIDE OPEN MOUTH smiles!
(Kody teases that when she cries her mouth gets so big you could fit a tennis ball in there!)
It is AMAZING how they all just come with their own little personalities...although I have a feeling Kate is taking a few notes from Carter!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hay Ride & Hike...

Another favorite activity is the Hay Ride & Luminary Hike up Telegraph Pass! It's even more fun with friends.
(I am so tired of the "silly" stage much longer!)
The cute Little Hanson Family...Kate's BFF!
Ready for the hike with the glow sticks!
Kate once again with the SWEET face....Really?
Tired, but MADE it!
Although not TOO tired to RUN all the way down!


As I was cleaning up today I noticed all of my Nativities were set up in a circle around Baby Jesus. I LOVE it! I wish Carter was always 4 at Christmas!

My wild, crazy, busy boy definitely got some of my OCD!


It is not really Christmas Time until you have done ZooLights! It is always a highlight for Carter, I am not sure if it is actually the lights or all the treats, but regardless it is always a hit! Although this year all Carter could talk about was the Zebra that rolled on the ground and "let one fly"! I am not sure who had the bigger belly laugh Carter or Kody!
The pack of kids...not really sure about the poses?
The lights are pretty amazing but never really turn out in pictures...
This is Kate's new face aka "The Pug Face"!
I keep trying to tell her she is going to get serious wrinkles!
First time on the Merry-Go-Round! She was a little nervous.
Good Times at ZooLights!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BYU v. Cards Milk

As I was getting milk for Carter's cereal yesterday morning he said to me:

Carter: "Mom I want the BYU milk, not the Cardinals."
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Carter: "Well the Cardinals played really bad last night, so I don't want to drink their milk."
Me: Still clueless on what he is talking about...."What?"
Carter: He walks over to the fridge and pulls out the non-fat:
"See this milk has a BLUE sticker, like BYU milk & this one has a RED sticker like Cardinals! I don't want to drink the RED milk"

He was apparently very disappointed with how the Cards played on Monday Night!
I seriously am starting to think Carter has a real sports problem! Really!?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We got this dropped by our house last night and Carter was as excited as Christmas Morning! "YUM, I sure do LOVE Christmas Time!" he said.

The First Gift of Christmas...

As I was cleaning up in the kitchen last night Carter started yelling:
"Mom I have a present for you!"
Finally after a few more reminders from him I turn the corner to see this!
"Surprise, Happy Birthday, ummm Merry Christmas!"
One of those right!
After a few moments Carter had enough in the box, although Kate seemed to LOVE the box and played for 10 more minutes, then we realized she just couldn't get OUT of the box!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Helpers...

Here is our my Sunday morning that Kate has mastered the walking she has moved straight onto climbing! Her new favorite place is to climb IN the dishwasher and throw everything out! PERFECT! Carter was announcing from the back,
"Mom! Kate is making bad choices again! I think she is on the NAUGHTY list now!"

Reciepe Club...

Every year Marci has her Adult Christmas Party filled with YUMMY food, GREAT friends, FUN games, & an always ENTERTAINING gift exchange! We have all been friends for the past 7 years some even longer. It has been such a blessing to have these girls in my life, they have given advise, comfort, laughter and help through-out all these years. I am thankful for them and their examples and friendship! I love you LADIES!
(Yes, it was a breakfast theme, that is why we are all looking lovely in out jammies!)

Friday, December 11, 2009


I love, love the Little People Nativity Set. It gets hours of play time sometimes used as football players, sometimes used as bowling pins, sometimes used as missiles, and ONCE in awhile for the actual right reason. Carter spent quit awhile setting it all up and talking to himself about Baby Jesus and the Wisemen and Shepard. He was so proud of himself...
(Kate got quite the attack when she came over and messed it all up!)
Although he said the one Angel had to stand out there by himself to guard the food.
(Carter has bad dreams about people coming in and taking our food.)
Love it!