Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Heart Monsoons...

Monsoons are always a highlight of the summers here in AZ. It is so nice to wake up to clouds, and even better when it pours rain. It normally only pours for a few minutes and it is so warm the kids love to play in it. It rains so hard it creates INSTANT puddles. Carter could not get enough of the it!
Showing off his Micheal Jordan Jump Pose!
The street turned into a lake, it was AWESOME!

Kate was not so sure at first, her and Baby Belle just watching her crazy brother!
Until he finally had enough of her being a "baby" and came to drag her out into the fun!
The rain had calmed down so she seemed okay with it. Carter felt like the first order of business was pushing her into the puddle. Kate could not believe we were letting her run in the puddles with her SWEET Princess shoes.
(Yes, Nat I knew you would love the mini skirt with the jazzercize shoes on!)
Once she was in she did not want to get out! It was her turn to chase Carter and try to drag him into the puddles!

Not much better according to Carter & Kate!

Monday, August 30, 2010


After months of hard work Carter finally earned a well deserved Beta Fish....Meet Herbie!
Carter was so excited he watched him all afternoon....He said,
"Mom be so careful with Herbie, he's my best friend!"
Pets are a double edge sword for me: great for the kids to learn responsibility and have a little buddy, but at the same time becomes one more thing for me to take care of and clean. I have to say after seeing how attentive he has been the past few days it might be worth it!
This one we have to watch like a hawk around Herbie...we already caught her on the counter trying to pick up the tank saying,
Here she is demonstrating her Kat like reflexes as she is sitting ON TOP of the table! Nice!

Monday, August 16, 2010

3rd Years a Charm....Right!

August 2010
Oh we LOVE Ms. Teddie! There are not enough wonderful things to say about her. She truly is magic! Carter has been counting down the days until Preschool starts. He said the other week, "I bet Ms Teddie really misses me!" Well the time has finally come, today was meet the teacher. And big man was ready to go!
He is officially the oldest in the class now with the most experience. Here is hoping to good choices and being a good example!
August 2009
August 2008
Oh man...he has on sweet shirts in all his pictures!

Visiting Teaching Gone Wild...

On Sunday Vicki and I ran to do some visiting teaching. Ryan had to go out of town last minute for work so the her 3 kids were dropped off with Kody while we ran to visit teach really quickly.
When we got home I asked how it went and he said, "Fine".
Then today when I sat down to upload some picture I found these:
SERIOUSLY! Kids gone wild!
They must gotten a hold of the camera....
The goal must of been crazy CLOSE~CRAZY faces.....
And then there was this....Kody just looking for some food!
I was dying laughing when I saw these....While the mommy's are away the kids will PLAY!

Cards Game...

This weekend Carter, Kody and some friends headed to the 1st PreSeason Cardinals Game! Carter was in HEAVEN! He got all geared up, "cheek pads" and all.
Carter, Caden, & Ryan....According to Carter, Caden is the BEST!
Being Preseason they were able to get great seats!
They even made it on the JUMBO-TRON! There are his two friends and he is sitting down with the hat on. They thought it was awesome...some serious dancing and faces were made once they realized they were on the TRON!
The Cards went down early and there were ACTUAL tears....but they pulled through in the last few minutes to win! Much celebration!
A true fan! Pumped on the big win!
Great night was had by all....not sure if Carter or Kody had more fun...it was a close tie I think!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Kit Kat....

Carter decided that him and Kate should match today. My friend gave this to Kate for her shower and it finally fits. Carter has been asking to have Kate wear it for a year and a 1/2!
Kate is always smiling but seems to refuse to when I get the camera out...
Although she will say CHEESE....Not really the smile I was going for though!
Normally when I start to see blankets and pillows flying off the balcony into the family room I know a fort is being built AKA a HUGE mess I will have to clean up in 10 minutes. But to my pleasant surprise this is what I found....
Carter & Kate are so cute together (92%) of the time. It is so fun to watch their little relationship grow. All I can say is Kate is going to be one tough chick, she love, love, loves when Carter tackles and chases her. Look out!

Notice the cute Piggies are out! Girl hair is the pits!
This morning Kate did what I knew was coming...she is a TOTAL monkey and yep this morning she leaped/jumped/flipped/fell out of her crib. Luckily she was fine, no real damage but a little wind knocked out of her. So this morning we went and picked up a new addition:
She thought it was awesome....
Carter thought it was pretty cool too..."Sweet, come on mom let's zipper in!"
She seemed totally okay with the new remodel to her crib!
Then she put it to the test...first order of business....turn it into a bounce house!
Yep, here she is mid bounce...we'll see if it holds up!
I can hear no more bouncing upstairs so after just a brief 30 minutes I think she has finally gone down for her nap! Carter was almost 2 1/2 when he made the jump out of his crib, Kate is only 21 months.....That is not so good! Another child with lots of....."Energy!" How did we get so lucky? Kody and I lay in bed a night completely exhausted from chasing/refereeing the kids and think "WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG? It has got to be something in our parenting to create 2 such "highly enthusiastic" children, right!
Maybe in 10 years when we have our next one it will be shy and hover by my leg....here's hoping!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Around the HoUsE!!

Since the weather is so brutal and we can't play outside....it turns the house into an indoor play land, AWESOME! They look cute enough, right?
Try again, I turn the corner and both of them are doing some sort of jumping routine on my table!
Kate has no fears and I think is half monkey she can climb up on anything in a matter of a few seconds....NICE!
Another favorite pastime of Kate's is to pull everything out of everywhere and carry it around the house.... making piles for me. Who can get angry at a face like this though?
She is carrying around a pair of Carter's dirty shorts and holding them like a baby. Kate has lately been into "pretties" too aka jewelry! She always wants lots on at ALL times!
Notice the sweet pile she made behind her on the coffee table, a combo of dirty clothes, toys, swimsuits, shoes, ect!
It's a great trick!