Monday, April 12, 2010


It is starting to heat has been perfect the past few weeks, but it is hard to enjoy because we know what is right around the corner. The pools are still a little cold, but it is great weather for Slip-n-Slides! Carter and Kate were so excited to get their suits on and play in the sun!
Carter loves his friend Caden...I think he would choose to live over there if he could...they have LOTS of fun toys!
The 3 man Slip-N-Slide...Caden showing them how it is done!
After a few trips down..they all seemed to have it down!
Kate just liked to watch and cheer and run around like a wild woman!
Kate LOVES Gizmo! I don't think the feeling is mutual though!
Poor Kit Kat has a horrible rash so we were trying to "air out" a little!
She seemed to love the freedom!
Thank you Ricks Family for all the fun and playtime! You guys are the best!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Kate LOVES shoes....she likes to wear them all the time, BUT Kate has STINKY feet! Poor girl got her Uncle Ty's Foot odor issue! These shoes are officially called the SMELLY JELLYS!

Marley Farms..

The other afternoon we headed out to Marley was great! We have to suck up all the nice weather while it lasts. Between the 5 of us moms that went there were 10 1/2 boys and 3 girls all 5 and under...we were quite the group!
Carter LOVED to goats, that is until he started chasing them and then got a little ram in the side from one...still smiling though!
Kate was not so sure...all of them were eye level or taller.

Kate's classic Pug Face! Not so attractive but I can't help posting it!
Yes we are still knee deep in the "silly" stage! Ethan and Carter have this NOT so "special" baby language talk they call BEACHAS?!
Carter and the Coomb Bros...
Brushing the Llama's booty? Gross. He was to nervous to go in front of it!
Here is the ZONKEY! Yes, it is a breed between a zebra and a donkey!
It was pretty crazy and a little aggressive.
We were able to feed a lot of the animals from the Zonkey to the cows tot he horses to the little ponies. Carter's favorite!
Kit Kat and London doing their favorite thing...SNACKING!
Some of the crew...
It is amazing how kids can make an old play structure into a magic Star Wars Ship....Love the imaginations!

Notice Little Gracie is driving.....girls definitely are better drivers even from a young age!
Carter learned his car roof top riding from his AUNT RACH!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Nocturnal Easter Bunny..

This is it! The best shot of the 2 kids together....OH Well! For Easter weekend Kody and I took off for Vegas for the weekend, just the 2 of us! It was SO nice to get away and relax without children. We actually could talk without being interrupted and eat a meal that lasted longer then 8 was great! We saw Le Reve...if you get the chance go and see was INCREDIBLE!
Nana & Papa were brave and nice enough to take the kids for the weekend! THANK YOU!
So since we did not get home until late on Sunday night, the Nocturnal Easter Bunny came to our house. The kids did not seem to mind!
Carter was so excited he could not hold still, this was his favorite treat...wierd I know!
Kit Kat on the other hand could not get the eggs open fast enough, she was shoveling Jelly Bellys in as fast as a one year old could!
She looks like a chipmunk!
After we got the kids in bed Kody found this "little" pile on the ground! Kate figured out how to just suck the sugar off, get a few chews then spit out and shove more in! AWESOME!
Gotta Love EASTER Candy....I think this has been Kate's favorite holiday. Now that she can say please she is on repeat pointing to her Easter basket on the counter!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ode to My Mother!

I am a little embarrassed to post this but come on HONESTLY! How does anyone EVER find the bottom of their laundry!
Yes, this is my Dining Room Table.
Yes, our Home Teachers had to walk past it the other day.
Yes, it is the first thing you see when you open my front door.
Yes, Carter came down naked this morning because he said he could not find any clean clothes!
My wonderful, amazing, magic mother never did anything like this! Our laundry was always clean and folded in SMALL piles and put away! I did not have nearly the appreciation that I should of for all the "behind the scenes" work she did...So mom I know it is 20 years late but THANK YOU for all the NOT SO LITTLE things you did for me! You are truly magic!