Monday, June 13, 2011

Ahwatukee All Stars...

Carter was so excited to be able to sneak in a little more baseball before the season ended. This year the Pony League held a State All Star Tournament for the little guys. It was 2 weeks of lots of practice and 4 games in four days...They did great and made it to the Semi-Finals. Such a cute little team and they were GOOD! I think Carter has passed up his mama's baseball skills for sure!
Carter is a GREAT hitter...getting on base every time. Didn't strike out or get out once the whole tournament!

All Stars rules were a little different:
*3 strikes and your out
*Pitching Machine Only
*Stay on base or you are out
And they Played a catchers Position...
Carter thought that was AWESOME!
It took 5 minutes to get him in a out of the gear....
Look at his face....BLISS!

He told Kate to try to punch him to see if it would hurt....Fun for both!
He did a great job...he was even giving signals to the pitching machine.

Kate the Number 1 (Forced) Fan! By the end of that weekend when ever we drove by baseball fields she would start screaming, "NO MORE BASEBALL!!" My little drama mama!

The end of game cheer...

My big guy...
It was such a fun thing for all (Except For Kate)
Carter learned a ton and I learned that I get nervous for him when he is up to bat. A little stressful for me. I also learned that Carter has the best cheering squad. Nana & Papa made it to every game and cheered the loudest. Uncle Ty & Mandi made it too. So fun!

These little kids are so good and you forget how young they really are....except for when they pull out these comments...
Carter hit the ball and made it to 1st base...all of the parents were sitting along the 1st baseline and Carter turns to everyone, grabs his cup and yells,
"Hey Mom! I just went POTTY in my cup a little bit! I tried to hold it so I didn't miss my turn to bat. I can make it around the bases!"
All the fans lost it...Ahhh my shy little boy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Princess Nikki...

I REALLY can't believe my baby sister is getting married in a few weeks. She is marring a GREAT guy who we are so excited to add to the family! Carter is a huge fan! This past weekend all the sisters were able to get together for Nikki's Bridal Shower and Pre-Bridal Pics. Here are just a few from my little camera.
Melly getting The Princess Prepped!
Nikki & Ryan wanted all their pictures taken in San Francisco so off we went to several different spots...
Waking around the city...

The Prep Team...Hair, Dress, Make-up, CHECK!

At the Palace of Fine Arts...So Beautiful.
Our Princess really looked like a Princess!

Team Nikki...It was so much fun to have all the sisters there. Lots of laughing, joking, & teasing!
Sisters are the BEST!
It was FREEZING but Nikki did a great job!
Love You Nikki! We are so excited for you!
"Jacket Off"

Summer Fun...

It is here...the 100 degrees, it's official! As much as I don't like it my kids seem not to mind. They love having no schedule and play dates galore! These 3 little guys will all be starting Kinder in the Fall at the same fun!
I have to say coming from all sisters I don't really "get" boys. They are all about wrestling, ninja moves, sword fighting and tackling....geez!
Here they are throwing beach balls at each other and laughing their heads off...
Graham Crackers & Milk...
Carter has been so lucky to have such great little friends...No one is allowed to move!