Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too Early!

Kate decided to get up with the sun today, about 5 am. 
Needless to say that by 7 she was already ready for a nap!
I love how the cheeks are so chubby that they are actually resting on her chest! 
Gotta love the chubba!

Monday, July 27, 2009

We're BACK!

You know you are back to 110 degree temperature when your baby wakes up from her nap looking like this:
I think Kate woke up 2 pounds lighter! 
Poor girl got all wrapped up in her blanket, she looked like she just got out of the bath tub! 
Welcome Home!

Jelly Belly Factory

Before we made the trek home to the desert we went on the Jelly Belly Tour, I think the kids got a sugar high from just being in the was NUTS!
Drew decided to "trim" his hair! He wanted a buzz like Carter. He was allowed to keep the Mohawk until Sunday! Rach said no Mohawks at church! Pretty Sweet!
As if they did not get enough Jelly Bellys they got flavored ice cream started off good, but then all went bad!
Carter had finished his first and wanted to run, he was not happy waiting for Drew to be done with his ice cream!

Drew had to "customize" his hat to fit the Mohawk!
No pictures were allowed on the tour, but it was pretty neat! Carter ended up with a bunch of Jelly Bellys and of course a Jelly Belly Baseball!
He thought I should get a car like this!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Berkley Park & Rose Garden....

Today we went to Berkley since it was a little too warm in Danville. We went and walked/ran around the Rose Garden and played at the park. It was so pretty and smelled so good. The more I am here the more I am dreading going back to the Desert Landscape!
Carter & Drew....Frick & Frack!

Kate seeing how the roses taste....shocking!

Kate LoVeS the swings....she is going to be so mad when we come home since it will be too hot to swing for a FEW more months!

The Famous Cement Slide

It was the perfect park day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GreenBrook Pool...

We had my whole family at GreenBrook Pool the other night, which is quite an accomplishment. With one sister in Utah and us in Arizona and the husbands all working, it was so much fun to have us all together to hang-out and play!
The four sisters....
All the ladies...

Aunt Nikki and Baby Kate....
We love when we get to see Nikki, with her crazy college schedule she is normally the one missing, the kids love her....
Melly with baby Wes, 3 months already: yikes!
Baby Kate showing off her eating strength and skills....
I swear she will put ANYTHING in her mouth!
At the end of the night we talked Carter into trying the big diving board for the first time....
A little nervous about walking out to the end of the board....
Slow and steady...
Getting ready....
BellyFlop/Cannon Ball!
Once he jumped in Kody was there to help with the swim to the side if he needed it.
Proud Daddy and Happy Carter, he jumped off the diving board 3 more times before the night was was great!
Fun in the Sun with the whole team, it was great!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ranch....

This weekend we headed up to The Ranch and had the ultimate weekend, non-stop for two days; filled with mule rides, motorcycle rides, jet ski rides, shooting, swimming, and RELAXING! I think I found where I want to retire....
Heading down to the lake.
The dads and kids, kids, kids...
The Ladies...
We love Uncle Porter!
Cute Aunt Melly...
It started to rain for about 15 minutes, it was nice to have it cool down a little bit and the kids thought it was even more fun!
Kate loved to play in the water and of course eat the sand too!

Uncle Brad giving rides....
While we were all eating dinner Kate found and apple and was going nuts on it. She was eating it like she was in a pie eating contest: face down and no hands! So happy!
Kate's dinner view...
The Ranch
Cousins, cousins, cousins....we LOVE it!

Mission Accomplished!

WAHOO! After a summer full of swim lessons Carter can officially swim. He still looks a little bit like he is drowning, but he can swim all the way across the pool and take breaths! It is great! I am so grateful for all the hard work and time my grandma spent with him. Three lessons a day for four days! Yikes! What a lucky boy to have his GREAT Grandma teach him how to swim! Thanks Grandma, you are AMAZING!

The proud swimmer!