Sunday, October 19, 2008

Carter's First Soccer Game....

On Saturday Carter had his first soccer game and it was the FUNNIEST thing I have EVER seen. The game consists of 2 10 minute halves with a 3 minute half time....I think the short halves are for the coaches that have to run the whole time trying to keep the kids in bounds then for the 3 year olds!
Kody told the kids to line up to start the game...and just like good little Preschoolers...they formed a single file line!
The poor ref trying to get the game started and explain some you can see the kids are listening intently!
Kody giving Carter some last minute instructions.....
And they are off.....Carter did score a goal! Way to go little man!
Carter and his buddy Max! Max likes to check out everyone's numbers!
Ahhh and the best part...snack time! As you can tell from the pink cheeks it is still very warm here in Phoenix....the kids did not seem to mind though!
Some of my favorite things about Carter's first soccer game:
*There are no goalies or throw-ins....the ref blows his whistle and the kids are supposed to stop....needless to say the kids would keep kicking the ball until an adult could catch up to them and pick up the ball.
*The coaches and ref yelling.."NO HITTING, NO HITTING" about every other minute!
*Right after Carter scored his goal he ran right off the field to get high fives from everyone!
*Both teams scored in their own goal multiple times.....but were so proud of themselves!
*The kids would just sit down on the field when they got tired!
*After the game the parents made a tunnel...Carter ran through his 5 times and threw the other teams twice!
3 Year old soccer is the best...I can't wait to see next weeks game!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Starting Line-Ups

I had never heard of Starting Line-Ups before I had Carter. Carter found Kody's old ones that he had when he was growing up.....and he LOVES them! This afternoon we had to build fields and courts for all of his players. Oh boys....they are so different from girls!
We made a baseball field, basketball court, and a football field. It is so fun to see his little imagination working, he talks to them and they talk back about moves and plays they are doing! He sounds like a little sports announcer from ESPN! The proud little man!

Bike Shopping....

We have been looking for a new bike for Carter...he is now 3 and needs to learn to like riding a bike. He has not shown that much interest it in though, until he found this bike! Needless to say Kody said ABSOLUTELY NOT! I guess we will keep looking!
At least he picked out a cool helmet! "Like Grandpa's when he rides the cydermocle!" (Motorcycle)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch....

Last night we took Carter to a Pumpkin Patch, as a kid it used to be one of my favorite things to do at Halloween time. Kody told me that he never went to a pumpkin patch~they had to get them from Safeways? No patches in Page! Carter LOVED it! He could not believe all the pumpkins different sizes and colors.

You could buy baby chicks, they were so cute and a little tempting! Carter liked when they nibbled on his finger.
Our little piggy...
Feeding the goats was also a quickly turned into throwing hay at the goats.

He finally found the perfect round pumpkin that looked like a basketball...weird!
At the pumpkin patch they could also decorate their pumpkins. If you look closely you can see that Kody had to draw basketball lines on it first, before he would put stickers on it!
On the way home he decided he wanted it to JUST be a Basketball Pumpkin and took all the stickers off and decorated his leg instead.
It was a great little pumpkin patch that also had a little bounce house and a hay ride.....Carter could of stayed all night! I love October!

Friday, October 10, 2008

1st Day of Soccer Practice....

Carter had his first soccer practice tonight! He was so excited he ate dinner in his shin-guards and cleats!

His little buddy Max is on the team!
The kids listening very intently to the coach! Yeah right!

The kids came up with a team last night....Carter's vote was ASU...which won?! It was between that at the Kitty Cats! So Carter officially plays for the ASU Soccer Team! Go Figure!

One of THOSE Days.....

This past week has been Fall Break...I remember as a teacher it was WONDERFUL, but now being on the other end as the parent I can see why the parents were so excited for Monday to come! Don't get me wrong I love spending time with Carter, but he does better when he is busy! And being 9 months pregnant I just could not plan enough to keep him busy! Here is just one of the examples of what he "learned" this week at home.....Finger Painting with Go-Gurts!

Other "Bad Choices" this week....
*Throwing his FAVORITE ASU shirt out the window while we were driving! (Yes I did circle back and run across 2 lanes of traffic to pick it up!)
*Taking off all of his clothes and trying to swim in a money fountain at a restaurant! (Thank you aunt Mandi for that encouragement!)
*Waking up at 2am and wanting to play until 5:15 am!
*Shoving a washcloth down the drain in our shower!

Oh the joys of parenthood!Good thing we love him......

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zoo Trip....

"What are we going to be late for today mom?" That is what Carter woke up saying this morning! Morning time is always a little bit rushed in our house since neither Carter or I like to be up early...we have a hard time making 9am Preschool.....I know, I know it is pathetic! But we are normally always on the go, I have a hard time staying home all day so we normally have an activity every day. Since it Fall Break we were able to go to the zoo with some friends that are normally in school, so it was GREAT!
Carter and some of the boys checking out the flamingos! It is crazy, most of my friends have ALL boys, these are just the ones that would stand still long enough to grab a shot! Smiling for the camera was just TOO much to ask!
Carter relaxing. Even though we are in the middle of October it is still 95 degrees....Carter said it was "Too smokin hot and he was too sweaty to keep walking!"
We finally made it to the splash pad...only in Phoenix are you worried about your kids getting sun burnt in October!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Phoenix Suns....Finally!

Finally....Basketball Season! Last weekend the Phoenix Suns had their annually Suns vs. Suns Scrimmage! It is great because it is held at UofA so the arena is small so you can sit 10 rows from the players! Carter was so excited that Steve Nash was BACK! And yes....we finally got a new Suns shirt so the others can be retired!
(Carter could not take his eyes off the court for a picture.....he might miss something!)
Carter showing Kody were Steve Nash was and explaining how the game is played!

Of course a new ball to end the night....I think that is basketball number 29! Geez!

Tennis & Golf Class...

Carter is taking a Tennis & Golf Class through our local community center...the first four weeks have been tennis and every class he asks..."Where's the golf!"
Coach Alex is great with the kids....even though Carter goes for distance with his hits instead of control. He thinks it is Home Run Derby!