Monday, February 23, 2009


ASU Baseball has officially started and it is one of Carter's favorite things to do! He was even more pumped that Baby Kate was going to go and had quite the outfit to wear too! GO SUNDEVILS!
As you can tell he was hoping he could go to a football game too, next year buddy!

Carter wore his ASU gear all day long and talked about it all day long.  But as we were getting ready to go, he decided to change his clothes...No ASU gear.  Go figure, that's all he ever wants to wear and decides not to wear to the place it makes the most sense!
Kate liked the ASU Game much better then the Suns game!
A few innings in Carter decided to go and sit with the guy in front of us.  He talked about the game and broke it down with him about pretty much every sport for 20 minutes.  The guy had no idea what he was getting into by saying hello!
To top the night off he talked someone from ASU to give him a ball! He thought it was so AWESOME. He even slept with it that night! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Smiles...

I love this age when they start to turn into little people, the smiling, the  giggling, and the talking.  Finally some recognition! 
Her new favorite thing is her exersaucer! Kate is like Carter and does not seem to like to bend at the waist.  So she is not a big fan of her Bumbo, but loves the exersaucer because she can stand straight!
We love out little Kit Kat! She hit a big milestone this little chubba is officially eating Rice Cereal and loving it!


Carter has been big into making forts lately and Kate was the lucky winner of playing with him. Actually he decided to build the fort around her, she didn't really have a choice.
Here you can see the full fort. Kate is such a good sister, she just laid there and giggled! Second children have to be tougher to survive the older!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In our house lately we have been trying to get Carter not to say "stupid".  We have been talking about how it is not a nice word and that we should not say it.  The other night at dinner a little conversation went like this:
Kody: I could not get that STUPID thing to work today.

Carter's eyes get huge and looked at me...

Carter: Ummm, mom, dad just said STUPID.
Me: That is not a very nice word.
Carter: Dad you can say Jokin or Kiddin instead, those are nice words.
Kody: What?
Carter: You know like "you gotta be jokin me, or  are you kiddin me!" Those are okay words to say, okay dad?!

We both looked at each other and started laughing, it is amazing what kids pick up!

Cracker Jax Golf

Yesterday we went to Cracker Jax and there they have a driving range that automatically tees up your ball! Carter thought it was AWESOME!
Watching it come out of the ground. "This is totally awesome, this is so cool.  It is my favorite!"

He had that huge smile on his face the whole time....he went through 110 balls in about 20 minutes.  He only let Kody hit 4.  Sorry dad next time you need to get your own.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kit Kat is 3 Months...

Carter has offically named Kate "Kit Kat" and it seems to be sticking! I can not believe she is already 3 months! It goes by so fast yet so slow some nights! Here are her stats:
Weight: 12 lbs=50% Percentile
Length: 25 inches=95% Percentile
Head:39=50% Percentile
Hair: Finally enough for a Sprout & Bangs

She is now talking, smiling, and giggling which is my favorite! Carter seems to be the best at getting her to laugh.  She LOVES him, always looking for him, I am not sure if that is because she is trying to stay on the offense or he just does crazy stuff and she is taking notes! Yikes!
She has been sleeping through the night~YEAH 10 to 7, except when she stays at Nana & Papa's. Kate LOVES her food as you can tell although she is on Steroids so that is making her a little more hungry! We love her and are so glad she is in our family.  It is now hard to remember life as just a family of 3.  She has had such a different demeanor from Carter, she is very relaxed and content.  We LOVE the little monkey!

As for the "Love Mark" we are seeing some improvements.  She is on 2 medicines: one steriod and one Blood Pressure.  The steroid one has made the mark almost completely flat again and the blood pressure one has been lightening the color.  They hope with the medication that it will be able to fade faster. Between 3 and 4 months is its rapid growth time, so hopefully once she gets to be about 5 months we will start to see it fade even faster.  It is hard to tell from pictures but we are starting to see skin patches on the top part~ Whaoo! It has been so great talking to people about their own kids or relatives that have had this.  It is amazing because they all say it really goes completely away! AMAZING!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PreSchool Art...

I was so proud of Carter this is the first time he has brought home a picture of our family: Kate, Daddy, Carter, & Mommy.  He was so proud of himself.  He said that only Daddy and Carter got faces though. (I could not figure out how to turn it the right way!) Needless to say we are on a Baseball Field and you can see the purple Baseball-T next to Kate!
Carter came home with his Valentine's Day is what he is thankful for: Camels? What? I can tell Ms. Teddie helped with a few (Picking up toys & Hugging)! Jenna who we carpool with had things like: my mom, dad, sister....not my little guy! Honestly!

Thanks Grandma!

As part of Carter's Valentine's Day package from my mom she sent him a Target Gift Card.  So I took Carter to Target and told him he could pick out his favorite thing....thinking candy, games, movies, balls.....Nope when he saw this outfit he jumped up and and said, "YES, my ASU basketball uniform!" I am not sure I know another 3 year old that would want clothes for their gift, but then again I have never met a kid like him! So thank you mom, he has lived in it the past few days!

One of Those Days....

So it has been a long time since I have made posts on the blog, needless to say two kids have been an adjustment.  Yesterday morning I got up and fed Kate and then put her in the bouncy seat so I could jump in shower.  Carter is "knocking" at his door when I get out.  So I go and get him and head back to my room to finish getting ready.  He comes in naked and says he has to go potty, jumps on my toilet and decided not to tuck his peanut and sprays ALL over him and my bathroom and then starts crying.  I put him in the shower and start cleaning up, then Kate starts crying, I pick her up and realize she has poop EVERYWHERE! I go to change her and it is up her back and down her legs, I guess a tubby for her too. Needless to say all of this happened within FOUR minutes of each other and before 8 am! We eventually did make it (barely), and Carter even got to preschool on time! I have realized lately how grateful I am to Kody and the HUGE help that he is with the kids, he has be been wonderful. I am also so thankful to all of my family and friends that have helped.  I would have NEVER made it without you. Thank you, Thank you!

Family Zoo Day...

January through April is why we live in Phoenix, as you can tell the weather has been amazing so we are trying to be outside as much a possible.  A few Saturdays ago we went to the zoo.  Carter had so much fun and Kate slept through the whole trip!

Carter thought it would be a better picture if Kody rode on the horse too!

Good thing he is cute!

Sports Illustrated for Kids

For Christmas my mom gave gave Carter Sports Illustrated for Kids and he thinks it is great.  The other day the house got quite for a minute and I walked into the family room and saw Carter reading his magazine.....

It was so cute, he sat like this for about 20 minutes, which in Carter-Time is a LONG time! Thanks grandma for the perfect gift!

Zoo Field Trip

In January we went on a Field Trip to the Phoenix Zoo. It was great! I love this picture because all the parents are trying to get the kids to look at the cameras, but they are all doing their own thing.  Poor Ms. Teddie probably deals with this all day!
Carter and his little friend Julia~They play a lot and normally do pretty well.  Until the other day when Carter gave her a quick punch to the face and actually gave her a bloody nose! I could not believe it! Since then Julia has been brave enough to play with him again though!
Snack time at the zoo....Carter Monkey!
Whew, got a few of the kids to look!
It was a great trip and Carter loved going with his friends and not having to ride in the stroller! Thank you Ms. Teddie for all you do and for all you put up with! You're the best!