Monday, January 12, 2009

Cousin LOVE....

Carter and Sammie are definite "Frien-emies" The Combo of Best Friends and Worst Enemies! In the snow at this moment they were definite Enemies. Luckily they deserve each other and they are both tough, so my sister and I have learned to just let them duke it out! Although the surrounding skiers could not believe we were standing there laughing and taking pictures!

Oh cousins are the best! We love you Sammie Lou, especially your awesome ski outfit!

Tahoe Fun...

Meet Indo...Michelle and Porters great dog! I think he is the best dog I have ever meet. He survived a whole week of Carter and Sammie pulling, riding, hitting, kicking, climbing on, pretty much torturing without so much as a growl! We love you Indo! At one point Carter climbed on top of Indo and was sing "Honky Donkey"!

Cole showing Carter the ropes of a snowball fight!
Here comes trouble....
Cute little Drew...
Snow slide, Carter was not too sure about it.....screamed the whole way down!
Awesome Uncle Porter building the Snow Slide
Cole collecting his snowball ammo....look out below!
Drew found the biggest snowball...
Jumping in the hot tub with aunt Nikki to heat up....
Nikki's "Special" Friend....Carter climbed right in and sat on Brady's lap, then looked up at him and said "Opps, sorry I think I just went potty on you!" Welcome to the family Brady!
New Year's Eve fireworks....Yeah!

Thanks mom for all the planning and prep work...I know it is so much work! But we love every minute of it and are so glad to get everyone together! We love you!


Over New Year's we attempted to try Carter on skis! My brother-in-law used to be a ski instructor in college so he had a great teacher. Not to mention all of his kids were skiing at one! The "Pre" Skiing picture....he was so excited!
Dad and Brad helping get on all the gear!
Little man looking good and ready to go!
Brad doing a few pulls and pushes before getting him to the chair-lift.

Starting to get a little nervous about going on the chair-lift.....

Did not want to get on the chair-lift....AT ALL!

We decided maybe just being pushed around on the ground was enough skiing for the first time. I was a little nervous that he might try to jump off the lift if they tried!

Ahhh, pulled it back together when he found someones pole and started using it as a bat!

All in a day of skiing, maybe next year!?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tilden Park..

Over Christmas grandma watched Baby Kate and we took Carter to one of my favorite places growing up, Tilden Park in Berkley. Carter was so excited to have mom and dad all to himself!
Tilden Park is a huge area that animals, hikes, campgrounds, playgrounds, just about anything! Here is Carter waiting for the little train!
On the train..ChooChoo!
Carter was a little nervous about the fire inside the is a really little locomotive.

After the train ride we headed over to the Little Farm area to feed the animals.
Carter saw the roster and immediately started chasing it saying...."I love to eat CHICKEN! I love to eat CHICKEN!"
Feeding the ram...everything went great until the duck tried to get it out of his hand and bit his finger...small melt down!

Off to the Merry-Go-Round! As we were waiting in line Carter saw a little scruffy dog...he started following it and then quickly decided that it needed a little kick! I kicked it like a football he said! WHAT? One of the workers saw him and started to laugh, he told Carter that was best thing he saw all day....he was not helping as we were trying to punish him!

Boys they are a different bred...I am still trying to understand what he is thinking most of the time!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

San Francisco

San Francisco at Christmas time is beautiful....Lights, Huge Trees, & Wreaths! The four sisters on a Trolley! We do the traditionally Trolley Ride to Ghiridelli Square every Christmas, although this time we made an extra stop.....
Cute Melly and Porter....we love you Foulgers!

We got off and went for a little hike because we heard there was an AMAZING train exhibit at The Fairmont Hotel! The kids were so excited to see the trains from around the world....NEEDLESS to say we were told incorrect information, the kids did not seem that disappointed though!
More cousins shots
When we walked through China Town we pick-up a few boxes on Snaps....I am not sure who liked them more...Carter or Kody!
Some family pictures at Union Square...Kate sleeping the snugglie.
The Edgrens
Nikki, Dad, and Mom. The last sister not married. She is a good sport though!
My sisters are of my favorite people! I am so grateful for my sisters. The older I get the more I realize how lucky I am to have them! We all are a little crazy in our own ways but they are great examples to me in my life:
Rachel: Has taught me how to be a better mom and not let everything stress me out.
Michelle: Has taught me to see the good in everyone.
Nicole: Has taught me to LOVE every minute of life....even if things seem a little crazy take a nap and it is always better when you wake up!


I love the Christmas Morning pictures....waiting for Grandpa to get out of bed!
YES! Santa brought Carter an ASU Uniform and helmet along with a tackle dummy! Maybe he will stop trying to use mom and Baby Kate as one now! Needless to say Carter wore that outfit for days straight, I had to wash it at nighttime. Since we have been home I have hid it so that he does not want to wear it every day to Preschool....One a Week is PLENTY!

Grandma Ski and Baby Kate enjoying the pandemonium! Kate was so excited about Christmas she slept through the entire thing!
Can you find the four little kids....?
Kate in her new Christmas Outfit....
Grandma found some new Starting Line-Ups! They were the hit of Christmas along with the miniature sports accessories....kept him busy for hours!

I think this was Sammie Lou's 17th outfit...she went from Fairy Costumes, to Tutu's, to Princess Costume! I can't wait for Kate to join in!