Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad Parents!

Many people have heard us talk about Carter being a "Bike Delinquent"! We have been working with him for months and he just could not get it! We were so frustrated and did not understand why a boy who could hit a 45 mph fast ball and shoot on a 8 foot hoop could not ride a bike! Well we found out why.....His Tires have been completely FLAT! It was like riding in sand!
We pumped them up and OFF he went! Around the whole block! Seriously, parents of the year!
He was so excited it was the first thing we wanted to do this morning too....
Here is the crazy-haired Kit Kat eating her breakfast on the driveway! Sweet Mop!
We owe Carter a HUGE apology for being such crappy parents! Talking about how he can't ride a bike when it was our fault! Sorry Buddy! No more teasing, I promise!


One of the best parts about going to California is having NOTHING THAT HAS TO GET DONE! I get to just play and enjoy my kids.  When I am home this is always something I should be doing, be it laundry, cleaning, church stuff, the list goes on.  But when I go home I just get to relax and enjoy my kids and family!
Once in awhile you get those PERFECT days where your kids play outside with their cousins, there is no fighting, the weather is great, & they are are just happy! 
I have to enjoy those moments because really everything can REALLY WAIT and they normally quickly end....but while they last they are PERFECT!


4 has been my favorite age for Carter so far! He is turning into a little man, a little better listener, a little better eater, and an AWESOME imagination! So fun! In California I took him to the park one afternoon and he spent an HOUR AND A HALF playing a baseball game all by himself! No Bat, No Friends, JUST A Boy & His Baseball!
Here he is creating a home run....Ball in hand, pretending it is flying over the fence!
It was a FAR run to hit it out of the park...I think he ran 10 miles!
Yes, HOME RUN! The Victory dance!
He ran around the base when he hit singles and doubles and triples...
Waiting to steal a base...
Trying to throw a runner out...
My big-little baseball man!
All Boy! Not sure what goes on in that head but the imagination part is SO much fun to watch!

Pumpkin Patch...

For Fall Break we packed up and headed to Rainy California.  After a few days of long sleeves and shorts Carter told me; "Mom, this is RIDICULOUS!" I enjoyed actually Fall Days! Not a huge fan of the 95 degrees in October!
Carter & Drew showing off their muscles & angry faces!
I grew up will all sisters so this "Boy Raising" is a whole new ball game for me! I look over and see the 3 boys laughing HYSTERICALLY, I walk over to see what is so funny and.....they where checking out the goats bum dying laughing! I just had to walk away! I am not sure I will every understand boys and their fascination with Body Part and Potty Talk!

They had cute baby animals and a large sign above these stating:
 "Swine Flu is not caused by Pigs!"
I told Carter he could pick a pumpkin, of course this is the one he wanted...not the one I got!
I love OCTOBER: 
The pumpkins, the breads, the treats, the weather change, the candles, EVERYTHING!

Friday, October 9, 2009


So after constant teasing from Kody & fighting with Carter I CAVED and let Carter be a "Football Player"! I have a feeling this will not be the last time either.  Halloween costumes I decided was not a battle I wanted or felt I needed to fight, SO here they are Team ASU!
Crazy Faces!
Big guy Carter!

Kate the Cheerleader! And sometimes the Tackling Dummy!
Showing off her cheer moves!
And her dance skills! Kate LoVeS music and can really shake it!
So basically I have lost total control.  I have just got to accept it and laugh.  It really is amazing that Carter's littler personality and passion for sports started a 6 months and just keeps getting stronger.  He knows how all the games are played and players names, more then me and loves to correct me! Such a little man! Gotta love him though!
Wish me luck!

Halloween PARTY!

Every year we have a Halloween Party for the kids! Marci is SO incredibly creative and magic! She always goes ALL out and a great time is had by kids and mom's! Marci you're the BEST!
Here are a few of the kids we could get to sit still for a few minutes!
Marci is so cleaver and witty I thought I would share if you want to use some of her ideas!
This one was Carter's favorite this year!

Lunch Time!
After lunch the kids made their very own Spooky House....
Then for the games of Pass the Pumpkin, Freeze Dance, &.......
Duck, Duck, Ghost which quickly turned into Tackle the Ghost!
Kate thought her 1st EVERY Halloween Party was AWESOME! 
On the way home she decided she was sick of her hair! I hate this trick!
Once she got both pig-tails out she found her thumb and her hair.....
...and was out! Too much fun!

The Kit Kat & The Juice

These two make the perfect snack! Don't they both just look SO yummy! Hence they both got food nick-names: Kit Kat & Juicy Lucy! Kate's little friend Lucy came over the other day to play! It was so much fun to watch them together. Lucy and Kate are only a few weeks apart....
Girls are SO much fun!
Just cruising around the table together.  Babies form of tag!
Then the princess's came out! It is amazing how little girls just come girly
Kate got some of her brother's share "skills"!
And some of his "moves"! Poor Kate has never been treated "soft" from her brother!
They really did have fun together! 
Later they had an eating competition...
they both ate more then the older siblings!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day at the Dairy...

Nothing is better for the Preschoolers then the 1st field trip! 
It was actually the perfect day, with great weather and NO crowds.  Off to the Dairy!
The did a great job, starting off with a little presentation to the kids. 
Carter was obviously enjoying the comments about how they make chocolate milk!
Kate got to come along...loving every minute too!
She was trying to figure out why the cows liked to eat hay so much! Not much flavor!
She even had cute little Dillon to play with too...well share snacks and smack! 
Then off to the hay ride to tour the dairy...
Looking at the brand new calf only a few hours old.  They say they get about 5 new ones a DAY!
Carter was teasing the goose that was in Time Out! This goose attacked a few preschoolers and then a mom! They have the bite marks to prove it! Carter could relate to the Time Out Goose!
Next they were able to pet and feed all different kinds of animals...
Carter was more into chasing/kicking the smaller animals...
Then he got a lesson on how to be NICE to the animals...
Then to the Hay Maze...
Then the best part....any flavor of milk and ice cream! Yummy!
Carter did not want to leave and decided he needed a little alone time to pull it together! 
It was a great Field Trip, no major injuries besides the goose biting! We love Miss Teddie and all her hard work and love she gives Carter! She really is a rock star in Carter's eyes! 
We are also SO grateful for great friends who help me chase and "handle" Carter!