Monday, June 23, 2008

Yikes....It's a SISTER!

I forgot to tell you....I am having a baby SISTER! Yikes....I keeping telling mom that I will teach her football, basketball, baseball, soccer, & golf! I am not really sure what I am getting into though!

SF Zoo!

On Saturday we went to the San Fransisco was a blistering 78 degrees so the animals were all dying of the heat! SF is never that warm! But we were loving it....much better then the 113 at home! Here Carter and Sammie in front of the Penguin exhibit, Carter's favorite animal of the moment. Notice the nice tight grip on Sammie's neck!

Carter trying to sneak some of mommy's Diet Coke! Not so discretely!
With Grandma and Grandpa checking out the monkeys. There were two baby monkeys that were wrestling and fighting and Carter said "Look cousins, like Lou!"
Their favorite thing at the zoo was not the animals but running up and down a little hill screaming their heads off and waving their hands around! Crazy kids!

ER Visit Round 2!

Yes, 2 ER visits in 2 different states in 2 months! Luckily Carter has come away fine both times!
Little Carter managed to find some adult Aspirin pills in my mom's bathroom! I caught him with his hands full and then made him throw-up.....I did not think anything went down but just in case off to the ER we went!
He started to have flash backs of the 3 day hospital stay in New York and started crying: No doctors, No ouches, No hospital beds! They had him drink some gross charcoal drink and then FOUR short hours later they drew blood! Here he is showing my mom his ouchy...when they took his blood he started screaming "I'm SO BRAVE!" After that they doctors and nurses would walk by and say..."There's the brave boy!"
The doctor gave him a very important talk about not taking medicine again...Carter was an excellent listener! Carter kept saying NO MORE MINTS referring to what he thought the Aspirin was!
Here he is so proud to be out of the ER 5 hours later! Lets hope for no more visits for a LONG time!

2 Year Old Trouble....

This week we have been at my parents and Sammie Lou has been here too...these two were definitely ment to be cousins! They are like Frick-n-Frack! They either love each other or want to kill each other!
They are both a little bossy, sassy, and opinionated! And of course they both think THEY are always right! Luckily both kids are pretty rough & tough so they hold their own against each other!
Have you ever seen cuter 2 year-olds! They are so cute together....I have a feeling they will just be getting into more trouble together as they get older! We love you Sammie Lou!

Swim Lessons With Grandma Ski!

This past week Carter got his second round of swim lessons this summer, and his Great Grandma taught him! She was wonderful! She truly is an amazing woman and it was so great to spend time with her and have Carter spend time with her!
She had quite the crew to teach. She taught all four cousins three swim lessons a day for three days! Grandma Ski pretty much lived in the pool!The kids made GREAT improvements!
My mom also helped with the 2 year olds. Here is Cole helping entertain Carter by pretending he was a shark! We love you mom!
Grandma Ski said she has never seen such a strong little 2 year-old, both physically and strong willed! When he felt like it Carter did a great job! But on the other hand when he did not want too, he could put up quite the fuss!
He of course wanted to spend the whole day shooting hoops in the pool! This was the first time my grandma had to teach swim lessons using a basketball as a kid board! Hey, whatever works, RIGHT?!
The kids used the baby pool as a floating device...which was quickly named the "Pool of Death." The kids would fall and it would sink, but they loved it! Notice the tight grip by adults on all sides of the pool!
Since we swam all day long the 2 year-olds had to go down for naps. Poor Sammie Lou's room looked out into the yard. She could see her big brothers swimming and playing in the pool while she had to nap! Poor Lou-Lou!
Cole and Drew had to wear the "Samurai Hair Do" so their hair would not get in their eyes when they swam! Needless to say their dad was NOT happy about that! He threatened the buzz!
It was a great 3 days spent hanging out by they pool! It was so great to spend the day with my mom, sister and grandma! Plus Carter was so pumped to swim with his cousins!
Thank you, Thank you Grandma Ski for helping Carter! I am so glad he got the opportunity to do that! You truly are an amazing person....we love you! Thank you mom for all the Diet Cokes, Popsicles, snacks and heating the pool! We LOVE YOU!

Another Day, Another DBacks Game...

Here we are again at another Diamondbacks Game! Carter's favorite place. Of course dad bought him a new ball...I don't think it gets any better!

Carter loves his dad! He is so lucky to have a dad like Kody! They really are two Peas-In-A-Pod!
Staying focused...waiting for the ball to come! Carter was so excited because he hit THREE home runs in the Mini Ballpark!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swim Lessons

Well we made it through official swim lessons, the kind were I do not have to get in the pool with him. We had a WONDERFUL teacher....(She is also Carter's nursery teacher...she is getting lots of extra blessings!) Carter is now an animal in the water. I love the goggles!
Here is the "Fearless Foursome"! It was quite the transformation. On day one there was screaming and crying and absolutely NO going under. By day 8 she had them all sitting on the step, jumping of the side, and going under! Amazing!
This is Chandler (the son of the swim teacher) and Carter LOVES him. Chandler was in charge on sitting on the step and watching the kids while they waited for their turn. Mainly he was their to maintain and play catch with Carter. Carter thinks he is the BEST and constantly asks if Chandler can come over and play. Everyday he wanted to show Chandler his sports shirts, shorts, and shoes! Thank you Chandler for all of your help and for being so great with Carter!

We are not officially swim safe, but we officially have no fear! YIKES!

MIcheal Jordan Shoes....

Carter and Kody had Boys Night Out earlier this week and Carter came back with a new pair of Michael Jordan most 2 year olds would not be that pumped or even know what those are but Carter could not contain himself he was so excited!
He came in the door screaming "I got them, I got them!" Takes them out of the box and puts them on. Then of course immediately gabs a ball and starts shooting. After two shots he fell STRAIGHT on his face getting a bloody nose, bloody lip, & bloody tongue. He is crying saying "I can't jump in these, I can't do it!" Then takes his shoes off and puts them neatly back in the box.

Kody and I thought we were going to have to return them since they now how been related with a big bloody accident!
Needless to say the next morning he woke up and put them on before he got his PJ's off! Now he asks to sleep with them on too! He tells anyone that will listen about his "Awesome Shoes" regardless of whether or not he knows them! Good Grief!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Drew-be Weekend!

This past weekend Kody went on High Adventure so I talked my mom and nephew into coming to Phoenix and staying with us. Drew and Carter are almost extactly 2 years apart but LOVE each other. Carter thinks he is the best thing EVER! So for 3 straight days they played and played and played! Carter cried the whole way home when we had to drop them at the airport!
This first night we went to one of Carter's favorite spots. We have taken Drew here before and that was his one request that we do when he came back this time. Crazy, crazy Drew stood over these high powered water shooters for hours. He probably had 8 kids says "Man doesn't that hurt?!" Didn't seem to bug Drew!

Here are the 2 boys having a little heart to heart about what they wanted to do tomorrow!

The next few days were filled with Pump-It-Up, Makuto's Island and treats! Lots of treats! Here is Carter cheating a little bit on a arcade game.
We took them to the mall for dinner and after they put on quite the dance show for all the people to watch, I thought they were going to start getting money thrown at them. Then they watched the "water show". And the mini version of the Bellagio! (Trying to keep Carter from jumping in!)
So cute!

Saturday morning Carter had Lil' Dribblers...and Drew got to come and play! It was awesome! It was thier last day so they had a little celebration with cake and cookies at 8:45 in the morning! Drew said that was one of his favorite things....Cake for Breakfast!

Then it was time for the Slip-N-Slide and we had some territorial problems. Carter did not want Drew to slide and Drew did not care! Carter would "try" to hold his ground and get taken out every time and laugh and laugh!
Drew taught Carter a few cool new tricks too! How to JUMP off the slide into the baby pool!
Carter thought it was awesome!

They had so much fun together! They definitely deserve each other! I love you mom! Thanks so much for coming and surviving the heat! You are the best mom ever!