Monday, September 13, 2010

Lego Land

Since Carter turned 5 this year he was able to go on a SPECIAL BIG BOY trip with Nana & Papa. His pick....LEGO LAND!
Carter convinced Papa to go down the slide with him, half way through papa got stuck and pretty much had to army crawl out! What a Papa!
Carter's new love is Star Wars, I am told it is a right of passage every boy needs to go through. I just don't get it!

One of Carter's favorite things was driving the cars...he already wants to know how much longer it is until he is 16! Look out!

Love this picture....PURE BLISS!
Carter thought this was an awesome tree and need a picture by it!

They also got in a little beach time too...

Carter informed Kody,
"Dad maybe next year for your birthday Nana & Papa will take you. But only if you are a good boy like me!"
He had the time of his life, is still taking about it! Thank you Nana & Papa for all you do and for being such great examples to our kids!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally 5!

I think Carter has wanted to be 5 since he was born....and we are finally here! I have never met a little kid who just wants to be big!
5 Things Carter Loves
1. SPORTS....ALL...Loves to play & watch
2. Herbie....His fish
3. Swimming....He is a great swimmer
4. Treats...Every kind
5. Preschool
5 Things We Love About Carter
1. Every night when I kiss him good night and he is asleep he gives me a little SMILE
2. He is very determined
3. He is great at sharing
4. He has the BEST Belly Laugh
5. He is the BEST big brother
5 Things Carter Does Not Like
1. Bugs
2. When his sports teams lose...there are actual tears
3. Wearing the same outfit all day long
4. Getting his fingernails cut...look out!
5. Having his cousins live SO far away!
For his actually birthday we got up and opened presents and made his favorite breakfast: blue berry pancakes, bacon, & smoothies.
Then we headed off to Krispy Kreme for a free dozen donuts.

Kate was in H-E-A-V-E-N!
She is saying, "More PLEASE!"
Then off to Extra Innings....He would live here if he could. It will be nice when he is old enough to drop off and let him play for a few hours.

His mean looking swing...
Notice Kate in the back ground...I think she is wishing we were still at Krispy Kreme!
Happy Birthday buddy! We are so glad you are in our family!
We love you and are so proud of all your good choices!

Pump It Up!!!

I don't think he could of been more PUMPED to have his party. Big man wanted his friends which ranged from 4 to 8 years old. He sees himself as an 8 year old.
Pretty cute kids huh!
Smiles to crazy faces!
This little climbing thing took layers of Kody's skin off....In the midst of trying to impress a 15 year old worker boy, Kody ran to the top to grab the tallest flag which is RARELY done (So he was told by the worker boy) and came down one proud 31 year old and skin missing from elbows and knees! Nice huh!

Miss Kit Kat even braved the BIG Slide!
Kate looking extremely pumped...
Present & Cake time...Notice how hot and sweaty the kids are! They were animals!
Carter wanted a hockey cake this year...He wanted it to say, "SHOOT IT UP!" I am thinking it was a combo of Pump it Up and Shoot It...Not quite sure though. I talked him into Happy Birthday Carter. (Boring Mom)
King Carter!

Kate and cousin Addi....Addi leaned over to Kate as Kate was stuffing her face and downing the Sprite and said, "Kate is your drink kinda spicy?"
We later learned that was the first time she had soda...Whoops!

A good time was had by all. I think Kody had just as much fun as Carter.
Great kids.
Great examples.
So thankful for all my friends who have been so patient and loving with my big-little guy!

Preschool Cupcakes...

September 2010~ Age 5
Another year, another kind of sports cupcakes! Not sure what next year will hold. Football 2 years in a row...Still loved them!
September 2009~ Age 4
September 2008~Age 3
O my little man...I still can't believe he is 5!
The other morning he was trying to pour his own milk in his cereal and I said,
"Buddy let me help you so you don't spill."
He looked a me and said,
"Mom, I am ALMOST 6 I can do it by myself!"
It is going to be a long 365 days!

More Birthday...

Carter was able to have a Birthday Dinner with Damrons....I think this child thinks his birthday is a week long! Turning 6 might be very disappointing!

Kate loved the idea of a week long party....that just means MORE cake!