Monday, December 22, 2008

Love Mark Update...

We have been working with Phoenix Children's Hospital with Kate's "Love Mark" and they have now declared it a Hemangioma. Here are a few facts we have learned
*A hemangioma is a formation of blood vessels that be superficial or deep.
*They are most common in Caucasian females.
*The doctors do not treat them with anything because they go away by themselves!
*They normally grow...not wider but get more bumpy until about 6 months and then they start decreasing....most a gone by age 5 and faded and much smaller by age 2.
*The most growth occurs during the 2nd and 3rd it will get worse before it gets better.

After learning a little more information it was comforting to know that she would not have to have 8 sessions of laser surgery starting at 4 months that we originally thought. I did not like the idea of her being put under 8 times before she was 2. They said once in awhile there might still be some light pink spots left, and at five they can laser those off! So although it might take a little longer to get rid of it is amazing that the "Love Mark" will eventually go away by itself! I feel so blessed that she is a happy, healthy baby....and still so cute....just another adventure!

Christmas Pictures...

This is our ATTEMPT at taking Christmas pictures....

Trying to get two kids to look at the camera...good luck!
Carter getting a little crazy...Kate could feel the attack coming!
Typical Carter.....

I can't believe we are a family of four...YIKES! I have come to have a whole new appreciation for families that have lots of children who all show up to church on time, matching, and hair and teeth brushed! I'm not sure we will ever be able to pull it together!

Trains, Trains, Trains!

This weekend we went to our friends parents house and he has an INCREDIBLE train collection. I have never seen so many little trains in my life...Carter thought it was great, except he wanted to touch and drive them.
This is inside the train garage where they get fixed up!
I am so bummed it was to dark to really capture anything....just imagine a train exhibit at Disneyland...the tracks, tunnels, bridges, and landscaping were unbelievable!
This gives you a small idea of the amount of trains he has...this is also inside the train garage!

It was so impressive....Carter just didn't understand why he could not help drive the trains!

Jr. Suns Leauge....

Soccer is officially over and basketball season has started, and Carter could not be more pumped about it! The last few soccer games he just wanted to sit on the sidelines. "I'm not a soccer player! I just like basketball, baseball, & football!" And so far he is LOVING his league. We can't even tell him when practice or his games are because he wakes up WAY to early in the morning because he is so excited to play!

The coach is wonderful.... there are 8 little kids on his team and they play on a 6 foot hoop! Here he is in action! The funniest part is there is only 2 Pre-K teams so they play the same team every week, they just change colors~Orange, White! Carter is the littlest since they can not start until 3 but can play until they go to Kindergarten so there are old 5 year olds in the league!
Check out that AWESOME defense!
The coach giving Carter a pep-talk...explaining that we have to pass the ball in a take turns shooting! The last game he made 7 out of his 8 shots, dad could not be more proud!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kate Colette's Blessing..

Baby Kate was blessed this Sunday and it was such a great day. It was filled with lots of family and friends. I love when my babies get blessed, I love to hear what is said and all the blessings that are given to her. Kody did a wonderful job.
Kate and Grandma Betty (Kody's grandma) she is the one who made Kate's dress!
More cousins....

Cute Cole, he was such a big helper with Kate. We love you Coleman!

Here is my family minus my baby sisters Nikki...she had finals. We love you Nikki and missed you!
Here is Kody's family minus Ty's wife.
Thank you, Thank you, for everyone that had to travel and change plans and were able to come....we are so blessed to have you in our lives! We love you!

Phoenix Fun...

Almost all my family came into town for Kate's blessing so we managed to pack a lot into a few days from temple lights, to hiking, to The Polar Express, to an African Safari. This picture was taken moments before Carter turned around and took off across the grass for the camels. Luckily he tripped and I was able to catch him! Crazy Boy!
Grandpa and Baby Kate...slept through them AGAIN!
Melly and Porter and all the nieces and nephews...Whew!
Finally a picture of the new and updated Damron family...
The next day was hiking, well for the boys and kids while the ladies went shopping.
Whao the made it to the top!
Carter working hard on his hike.
A little break with dad...
It was so much fun to have everyone out and have everyone stay with is crazy and noisy but I LOVE having a full house. I am so grateful for my family and all of their support, they TRULY are the best!

Out of Africa

We went from the North Pole to Africa...Is this not the Cutest Wild Animal you have ever seen. We love you Sammie Lou Lou!
We went to Out of Africa on our way home from the Polar Express and it was Great! They had a tiger splash show were the would do different tricks and up in the water. The trainers would jump right in was wild!

After the show Uncle Porter quickly turned into the tiger!
Carter also got the feed a tiger. Normally Carter gets nervous about things like this, but as soon as they announced that you could feed a tiger he marched right up there and would not move until he go too!
We then got a chance to watch them feed all the was crazy.
After the feeding we went on a Safari and were able to feed the giraffes, ostriches, and zebras. It was pretty amazing. Carter was a little shy about it as first but got more comfortable...considering later on the giraffe came right into the bus!

One of Carter's favorite part was when the zebras would gave him the belly laugh every time!

The North Pole

Did you know there was an indoor pool and hot tub at the North Pole? We went up to go on the Polar Express last weekend and got a little swimming in before the train took off! Dad's and kids!

Oh they look cute and sweet...but they both have battle marks from each other trying to prove who is tougher! Yes they are only 4 months apart...Carter is just huge and Sammie Lou is just small!
Getting all geared up for the FREEZING weather.
Cousins, Cousins, Cousins...we love the cousins. Notice Carter's arm on Sammie, just making sure she doesn't try to attack.
My mom and sisters, minus one! We missed you Nikki!
Waiting to board the Polar Express....
Finally on...the kids were so excited!

Carter waiting for Santa to come give him a MAGIC!
Carter talking with Santa, he even got a High-Five from Santa! What could be better!
The Magic Christmas Bell.
Carter was so excited about it he wanted to sleep with it! I love Christmas time and how magic it is!