Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Night @ Pecos Pool...

Last night we had FHE at Pecos Pool with some other families and it was GREAT! Carter has turned into quite the fish....there is no fear now which makes him really scary!
Here are the dads with all the kids....Poor little Gracie is the only girl...she can hold her own though! I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults!
Carter with some of his buddies, Grant and Ethan. (Also know as Wheat Thin!)
Carter getting dumped on....it was so strong his shirt almost came off! He thought is was great though!
It was such a great night! Thank goodness for swimming and good friends or else we would never survive here in Phoenix!


One of the last nights we were in California...I was talked into taking my 2 year old to a 9:30 movie...WALL*E! As you can see he and Drew were already ready for bed....but Carter did not seem to mind!
Carter thought it was totally awesome to get popcorn and licorice at 9:30 at night! No wonder he has had a tough time coming home and adjusting to rules and a some what scheduled bedtime. Every night he says he wants to go back to California and see grandma and his cousins!
He made it until the last 10 minutes of the movie. He woke up as we were leaving and starting crying...."It's not over, I want to see the end! I want to see it again!" He knew he got robbed of 10 minutes of the movie!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thanks Grandma....

We have officially made it back to the human microwave that we call home....Phoenix! After our month long vacation it is nice to be home but Carter is already asking were Grandma and his cousins are! I am just not enough entertainment for him! He tried to go outside and play and after 20 minutes he came back in and said, ...."Mom, it' smokin hot out there!" It was so much fun to go home and visit family and have Carter actually play outside! Thank you, thank you mom for having us! We can be quite the whirlwind! It was so much fun to be home! We love you and already miss waking up, putting on our swimsuits, getting our drinks and laying by the pool! As soon as we got off the plane Carter asked where grandma was, he thought she was going to be waiting for him in Phoenix too! Then he asked for Rach and Sammie Lou...not really sure why he wanted Lou she left quite the marks on his face, it looks like he got in a cat fight and LOST! But we love you and thanks for everything!

6 Down.....

Well as of Sunday we have officially been married 6 years! I can't believe how fast it has gone by! It seems like just yesterday Kody was dragging me down to Phoenix in the middle of July in the 113 degree weather and promising me that I would love it! Well, I guess he was right because 6 years later we are still here!
I am so grateful for Kody and the amazing man that he is! He truly is a wonderful husband and father! There is nothing better then seeing him rolling around on the floor, throwing balls, and teaching Carter all kinds of things. He has to put up with a lot with me and always seems to manage! I thankful for all of his support and and help. He is one of the hardest workers I know! I am thankful for the wonderful example that he is to myself and Carter! I love you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cole's Baptism

Little Cole got baptized yesterday, it was so exciting to see my first little nephew get baptized! What a big day! Carter kept wanting to get in the font and by some strange happening some how got his pre-chewed gum ended up in the font! We are so proud of you Cole and all of the choices your made, you are such a great example to your siblings and cousins! We love you buddy!

Motorcycle Riding....

I love California....so much do, motorcycle ride, skateboard, play basketball, swim....it's heaven!
Carter found a new favorite thing to do in California.....going motorcycle riding with Grandpa. The first time around the street he was a little nervous, but then he warmed right up!

My dad rode him down to the park, Carter only went on the slide twice and then said, "Let's get back on the motorcycle Grandpa!" First time he did not want to stay at the park forever!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Carter was so pumped on his new 4th of July shirt grandma got him....he did not want to take it off! Which a great change from only wearing sports shirts!
4th of July in Tahoe is my very favorite! I have never seen better fireworks, plus there is something pretty magical about being on the boat late a night and listening to the radio as the fireworks go off insync with the music! Carter is still talking about it! He has asked every night if we could watch the "firequirks" again!
The cousins! It was crazy that in the middle of July we had to throw on sweatshirts and bring blankets! But coming from Phoenix that was part of the fun! Much better then fireworks at 113!
Waiting for it to get dark!
I thought this picture captured Carter PERFECTLY! My little trouble maker!

My cute sister and her family! Brad, Drew, Cole, Rachel & of course Sammie Lou!
Aunt Michelle and Uncle Porter! Uncle Porter is the best! It is always great to have an Uncle that doesn't have kids yet, because he is always ready to play! He was brave enough to bring all the kids on the boat and have a dance party earlier that day!

This flag as huge....I love seeing the American flag, it makes me feel so patriotic!
The 4th of July was AMAZING! The fireworks are never a let down, the whole time Carter kept saying, "Look there's popcorn fireworks, or There is basketball fireworks!" My favorite..."Look mom there is a mit and glove and shorts!" Crazy little sports nuts! Always on the brain!


Tahoe has got to be one of my favorite places. It is beautiful year round. Snow in the winter and sunny skys in the summer! Carter could not believe all the trees....poor deprived Phoenix child!
Hiking over the crazy bridge! The 2 year-olds ran the whole trail, which made everyone a little nervous since one side was a huge drop off!
It was a great time between the hiking, boating, beaching, and four-wheeling. Really a boys heaven!
Although, Carter was not a fan of his life jacket. My poor sister had to play WWF to get him in it! She won though! Thanks Rach!
Carter has big duck issues....he seems to think you should scream and kick them! Who Knows?

Rock climbing with the cousins!
Dad and grandpa in charge of the 2 year-olds not trying to cliff jump into the lake!Four-Wheeling in grandpa's Hummer! Both of them kept complaining about rocks in their shoes!
And of course hot tubing with Dad and Cole after a long day! I am not sure it gets any better!Thanks mom for all the planning, cooking, and cleaning! You are the best. Thank you for always getting the family together! We are so truly blessed to have you as a mom! We love you!

SF Giants Game!

On our way to the Giants game we stopped at the most AMAZING Taco Bell! Yes this is a picture of Carter with his Chicken Burrito sitting at Taco Bell. You can literally walk right on the beach....it was so beautiful.
This is only half of the Taylor crew enjoying the Pacifica Taco Bell! Notice all the orange...they are all die hard Giants fans!
The whole way to the game Carter kept asking for a new hat and ball....of course dad gave in!
Carter and Cole enjoying the beautiful weather and game.

The Giants stadium is one of the most amazing fields I have ever been too. It sits right on the bay and you can see the Bay Bridge on one side and sail boats and the cove on the other! Not to mention the huge slides in the Coca-Cola Bottle in the outfield!
Carter was in heaven...he sat through 8 innings. We left right before the 9th so we would not have such wicked traffic and he kept saying, "But isn't over. it's not over!"

Family Photo Shoot...

Here is the Patriotic Taylor family....we are missing my baby sister Nikki and my sister's husband Brad.
Oh how I love pregnant pictures!

Carter showing off one of his many battle wounds!
Our Little Carter Monkey!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Santa Cruz Beach BoardWalk!

Not much better then an amusement park on the beach! Carter and Sammie waiting patiently for the Happy Shamu ride!

Carter and Bronwin flying high!
The Green Dragon! This was a small roller coaster that went around the same track twice. After the first time I told Carter we got to go again he started screaming...."No I am done! Only one time!"
Clear the roads!
The two year olds did not get naps and Sammie had had enough! My sister has GREAT kids, so it is nice to see that they have melt downs once in awhile....still the cutest little thing!

The kids seemed to perk right up with Cotton Candy. Mom of the year....cotton candy at 10 o'clock at night! Honestly!As if my child needs weapons...grandma bought light swords for all the kids! No wonder they thing she is awesome! Carter and Sammie Lou fightin it out! We had to pull them apart to make sure there were no major injuries!The light sword is the first thing Carter wants in the morning....I have a feeling it might "accidentally" disappear!