Friday, June 18, 2010

Swim Lesson Take 1!

Another successful season of swim lesson with Coach Hovik! Here are the boys...Cute, Cute!
And the rest of of the class! Nice work buddy!
You are quite the fishy!
I love the back ground of this picture...moms, moms, & more moms! We have had a nice June (For Phoenix) so it has been fun to be able to catch up and touch base with all the moms! Thank goodness for friends! Thank you ladies for the laughs, advice, & encouragement!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swimming, Swimming, & More Swimming...

We are about 2 weeks into summer and we are LOVIN every minute! Maybe not the 110 we got this week, but everything else. I was not sure if I was going to like not having a schedule, but I have LOVED it. It is so nice to just plan what we want to do and what time we can make it. We have lived in pools for the past few weeks and my children are FISH! This pool is one of Carter's FAVS.
Carter & Caden....I actually got them to look at me for a minute! Miracle!
Carter is a huge fan of water slides..goes forwards, backwards and twists!
After seeing his friend Caden go off the diving board he decided he had to do it too....
BUT it was not just off this regular one.....
YES!!! That is my little 4 year old jumping off the HIGH dive! I could not believe it! It must be a total FREE FALL for him! He LOVED it and went about 10 times!
I could not believe it.....just the climb up the ladder made me nervous!
Kate is not giving me a break either! She totally thinks she can swim, she goes under, blows bubbles.....PRETTY much NO fear which =TOTALLY scary!
Her 4 favorite things are at the pool though:
1. Her friend Lucy....I told them to smile and me and they both turned around (Stinkers)
2. LOTS of snacks!
3. "NIMMING! NIMMING, NIMMING!" That is what Kate calls swimming...Noticed she is soaked that is from going under a million times!
4. And her THUMB....that goes everywhere though, bonus!
Fun, Fun, Fun! Now I just wish my car was not 120 degrees when we are finished swimming! Can't have it all though I guess! I am so grateful for friends & family that let us play in their pools everyday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend!

We had a GREAT Memorial Weekend full of swimming, BBQ's, friends and family! Kate was very patriotic and spent most of the weekend eating and stealing other peoples drinks! They seemed to be much better then her watered down apple juice!
This was probably the 6th drink I took away from her...
Then it would normally end up all over her and the ground too!
Carter has turned into a great swimmer....a little fish that did not want to get out!
I think he swam for 12 hours this weekend!
He also got in lots of friend time...It does not get much better!
There was also lots of "High Flying"! It is what the Gorilla does at the Suns games!
One of the highlights for Carter was Ryan! Ryan would throw the kids into the pool based on orders: high-regular, high-high, kinda-high. Here is the line to get thrown in....
Sometimes you would get balls thrown at you too....

Kate wanted a little air-time too!

This is for my mom and sisters. I was always teased about my small mouth..needless to say Kate did not get that! One of the few moments it was not full of food!
After hours of swimming, jumping, chasing the boys moved on to the Wii Room!
I wish every weekend was a 3 day weekend!

Pizzeria Bianco

After a 30 day reservation we were able to try the Famous Pizzeria Bianco! According to Oprah it is one of the best pizza places in the nation. The restaurant only seats 40, has a small menu and can have up to a 4 hour wait. So thanks to Natalie she called a month in an advanced and got the one reservation they give out a night! Fun was had by all!