Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Mama D from Michelle Foulger on Vimeo.

So I know a lot of people "think" they have the best mom, but I REALLY do! My mom is everything I hope to become one day, she is kind and loving, giving and caring! She always puts others before herself and is the BeSt Grandma ever to my kids. She truly is AMAZING! I am so lucky to have her as my mom!
I can take no credit for this video my awesome little sister made this and even copied it onto my blog for me....thanks Melly you're the Bestest!
As I am a mom now I have a whole new appreciation for how much you give of yourself to your children. It is true sacrifce and a true blessing at the same time. I am so grateful for my mom and all she did and keeps doing for me and my 3 SWEET sisters! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family! Thank you for your love, support, and ability to laugh at all my craziness!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Go Yankees!

This is Carter's 1st year of Pony League Baseball and he is LoViN everything about it! From the amazing coach to the uniforms to having 2 games a week! He is in heaven!
Here is most of the Yankee Team...The age group is 4-6 year olds...Carter is the very youngest, but doesn't seem to mind.
This is "The Little Kid Ty", not "The Daddy Ty"! Carter thought it was so funny that a boy had the same name as his Uncle...he can't get over it, he talks about it after every practice!
Coach Ron giving a few last minute Carter is giving a few of his own too!
This weekend was Opening was quite the production. Carter's team was the 1st on the field I was a little nervous about him staying with the group. But as Coach Ron was lining the kids up I heard him say, "Carter, buddy you come up here with me, I get to hold your hand!" Coach Ron knew Carter was a little nuts too!
Carter thought it was SO awesome to be the 1st person to parade on the field!
Carter was panicking that he shoe was untied..once again Coach Ron to the rescue...

I was so proud of him, my little man is growing up. He sat through 30 minutes of talking and introductions!

I tired to capture how impressive this league is but was not able to fit all the players/teams in the picture...quite the league though!

Kit Kat on the other hand had other plans, which included running, climbing, singing, and eating everything in sight! She is quite the cheerleader though....
The Many Faces of The Kat!

Kate with her FAVORITE 2 NANA's!
More of Carter's Cheer Section! Carter is so lucky to have such an awesome Nana & Papa they come to ALL of his games and cheer him on! You guys are the best!
Getting ready for the BIG game!
I was laughing to hard when they told Carter he was playing Left Field and headed right between 2nd & 3rd base...needless to say that was as deep as the outfielders needed to go!
Getting the kids ready to bat...they all sit with their helmets on so they are ready to go!

Warming up with DADDY!

Carter did is coach pitch so the balls are coming pretty fast!
Made it to 1st base....I am sure talking about snacks or something important!

Oh My Big Little Man...I am so proud of you! You played great and did not even have a melt down! You really are growing up! Only a few hundred games left!

Grandma Betty...

Meet Grandma Betty...Kody's grandma and Carter & Kate's Great-Grandma...she is one IMPRESSIVE LADY! I am so happy that my kids are able to play with and get to know their Great-Grandparents!
Kit Kat was trying to get FRESH with the little golfer...
Then she got ticked he would not give up the golf club...
...and had to settle for just a golf ball!

Oh my little Missy Moo...stop growing you are getting big way too fast!

Go Devils!

Let the SEASON begin! Carter and Kody love when baseball season starts....last weekend we went to an ASU game, a Spring Training Game and Carter's first game....yikes! But my boys can't seem to get enough!
Carter was so excited I could barely get him to hold still...hence the crazy faced picture!
Kit Kat was in heaven, we sat on the grass so she just roamed around. She went from blanket to blanket looking for snacks and making 20-something college boys a little nervous. Who would of thought a 1 year old little girl would make college boys so nervous! I wish I took some pictures. She would walk up to the boys sitting on the grass and put her face right in theirs and start laughing...they were SO AWKWARD! Kody on the other hand is already too overprotective and nervous...good luck! Princess Kate thought she owned the field and that everyone wanted to talk to her. She had no problem walking up to strange college kids and sitting down right next to them! It was great!
Carter went from watching the game to playing with the other kids there. Here he is pretending to catch a pop-fly with a driving catch!
These games are great family fun...especially since The Devils are undefeated! Wahoo!

Desert Breeze Park

Lately we have been trying to LIVE outside, because soon, too soon it will be 110! We went to the park with some friends on Friday and had a great time! They had a little train we could ride on. In the back was the Caboose and all the 4 year olds hopped in, of course Kate having no idea that she is only 16 months hopped right in too....
The Caboose was tiny and for 12 and under, after fighting with her and realizing I was not getting her out of that thing, the conductor locked the little door and away we went. She lasted the whole time in the Caboose without even so much a squeak....definitely a 2nd child!

Carter has hit another milestone...pumping! Yes! Is it bad I am not sad that he is becoming more and more independent!

I don't know if either have ever been on a tire swing, you just don't see them very much anymore..they thought it was great! I have bad memories of getting so sick on one of those things....
It has been BEAUTIFUL lately, our days full of parks, swimming, bike riding, and walks....maybe the infamous Phoenix Summer will skip us this year! Wishful Thinking!