Monday, November 29, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

The morning we were getting ready to head home from Payson Carter came flying out of the bathroom, pants still around his ankles, screaming,
"Mom, mom IT'S SNOWING!"
There is something truly magical about snow! Carter got dressed as fast as he could and started running down the wooded stairs, I hear him start to saying,
"Daddy, Daddy It's....." BOOM!
Down he rolled 3 stairs....just too exited! He jumps up, "SNOWING!" Outside he went! The true Phoenix boy lasted about 3 minutes!
This is the 1st Kate can remember seeing snow & she LOVED it! Maybe she will be our little snow skier.
She could not be bothered with looking at the camera...she had to figure out what this crunchy white stuff was.
Carter showing Kate how to stomp on the snow and leave footprints....
Once again trying to get a picture of the 2 kids....The hug turned more into a headlock!

I wish it would of snowed a few more days while we were up there, but I am glad the kids got a little taste. Here is to more snow when we go to the Polar Express!

Christmas Cards Gone BAD!

Yep...You are looking at the BEST OF Christmas card pictures. Every year I wonder why I do the time we are done I am sweating, the kids are crying, and Kody is looking at me like I have completely lost it....ALL TO GET just and OK picture. So here is a small preview of what I really should be sending this year!

I think the is the best pic...the cute backsides of the kids. You can't tell they have been crying and pulling each others hair.
The whole time Kate kept yelling at Papa at the TOP of her lungs:
Not sure what it was really all about, but Papa would NOT dance! So by the end of the pictures Kody & I were yelling: "PAPA DANCE!" Papa would not buckle though. So this year we are blaming our picture not turning out because The Papa would not dance!


Kate is TRULY thankful for Thanksgiving and the FOOD! Her favorite this year...fruit salad! As you can see she LOVED every bit of Thanksgiving dinner!
Carter & Addi
The Damron Crew
While the parents cleaned the kids watched a movie...of course they had to watch it on the mini TV because FOOTBALL could not be turned off. I think the boys watched 45 games over the weekend.
It started off cute...Carter quickly was drawn back to watching the football game and Kate quickly turned feisty and started pulling hair and trying to close the DVD player. At least I got a picture of the peaceful 3 minutes!
Big Man relaxing! He thinks he is the man of the cabin!
Thankful Lists:
Kate: MILK, Princess, Baby Dolls, Ponies, ARIEL, Food, Shoes, Mommy
Carter: Star Wars, sports, Top Ramen, Wii, friends, cousins, Daddy
Kody: Basketball Season, family, snacks, hair cuts
Bec: Nap Time, SISTERS, family, Healthy Kids, Hard Working Hubby

An Almost Perfect Race....

A few weekends ago I took a well needed sisters trip to California without kids....I always seem to come home more tired and need a vacation from my vacation. Staying up until 3 am laughing is always much looked forward to with my sisters. I am so grateful for them and their teasing and sense of humors. We are all SO different but could not get along better! Sisters really are the BEST! It all comes from having and being raised by an INCREDIBLE MAMA!

Michelle: Come on ladies it will be fun, lets run a race in San Francisco. It's only 10K.
Nicole: Yes! I'm in, I just ran 7 miles this morning.
Rachel: Really? Can't we just get together and hang out?
Denise: I'll only do it if someone will walk with me.
Rebecca: Nope - no fun. I have been working my tail off out here in Phoenix - no way am I coming on a trip to wake up early and run.

Michelle and Nikki talked us all into it. Airplane tickets were bought, babysitters arranged, just one small item overlooked - signing us up for the race. According to 3 of us - AWESOME!! We had a great weekend of shopping, eating and movies. Then on race day, the young ones woke us all up and convinced us of taking them to the City so they could "sneak in." As we pull up we hear the starting gun go off and the announcer yell "They're off!" Out of the car hop Michelle and Nicole and run through the starting point 3 minutes behind the pack. Us oldies walked it far behind them. The weather was GREAT - I've never seen a nicer day by the bay. We finished it off with a walk across the Golden Gate Bride. Fun Weekend.

Thank you Mama Rach for the Post! Look who is turning BROWN! Love you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Star Wars MANIA!!

For the past few months Carter has been on a SUPER STAR WARS kick. When he is into something, he is INTO something. No half way with this boy. We have started to collect Star Wars gear from costumes to Legos to games to movies. I came around the corner to find this....
Big Man playing Star Wars Lego on the computer and the Clones helping him out!
Can you say OCD!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kit Kat is 2!

Yes! My little, big Kit Kat is 2! ONLY 2! She already feels like she is 4 and wants to be 8! I can't believe she is 2 already though...where does it go!
Weight: 30 lbs
Height: 36"
Thumb Sucker & Hair Twirler, Crib Climber & Jammie Taker-Offer, Sassy, Sweet, Rough, Tough, Opinionated, Loving, Funny, Determined, Shoe Obsesser, Jabber Talker, Singer, Mommy Loving, Tantrum Thrower, Princess Lover, AWESOME!
Kate is OBSESSED with Princesses right now, especially Ariel....Hence the shirt. She opened this book early and carried it around ALL day. She could not even let go for the picture!
Showing off that she matches the Ariel Book....
Showing off her SWEET lips!

Kody was gone for Kate's birthday so I just had a few of her favorite people over for a little dinner & party!
Natalie made the CUTEST cake ever for Kate! Isn't she amazing! Kate thought it was AWESOME!
Nat also made darling cupcakes for the kids....even Carter was VERY impressed!
Kate clapping and singing her own birthday song to herself....
I was a little sad to let her tear into this amazing cake....even Kate was not sure she wanted to ruin "Rella".
1st thing, see how Rella is in the cake...
Then of course get all the frosting off her....
Then straight to business....lick off all the frosting!
Kate decided she wanted Rella back on top of her cake....
Then it was time to get serious about eating the cake!

Then of course what is a party without a few presents....lots of princess stuff! Her favorite!
(Notice Carter helping unwrap in his SWEET Jenga Fett Costume~Star Wars~Yup he pretty much lives, sleeps, eats in that thing!)
Ohhh....the princess pollys were a HIT she had carried them around ALL week.
The 2nd present Kate opened was some Ariel shoes...and once she saw those she put them on and off she went. She was done opening took us a few days to open the rest, it was great!
Thank you to my wonderful friends who came and helped celebrate Crazy Kate's birthday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Basketball Season...

I think this is Carter's 4th season of Basketball! This time we went through the City for a little more competition. The age group is 5 & 6 year olds, so he made the cut off by 1 week! He is the only preschooler on his team, the rest of the kids are Kindergartners and 1st graders.
Oh my Big Little Man!
Kate is completely over going to the games, it is early and long and she can't get out of her stroller. Thank goodness Nana & Papa and Aunt Mandi come prepared with TREATS! Nothing like a sucker at 8:15 in the morning!
Warming up....
The ref lining up the kids and telling them who they are guarding and which directions they are going.
After scoring the race down to play DEFENSE! Look at that smile! Love it!

Ahmmm, playing a little aggressive defense, I think that is a foul!
Kody was able to coach again this season, so fun! Team cheer....Go Jr. Suns!
One of the best parts is that he gets to play with one of his Best Buddies Caden!
Does not get much better in Carter's book!