Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Field Trip...

Carter went on his First Field Trip yesterday to T.C. Luigi's Pizza. The kids were able to watch them make their pizza's and then eat them! I don't think it can get much better for a 3 year old!

While they waited for the pizzas to cook, they all got their own pizza dough to play with! Carter wanted to make a snowman? (I am not sure how a little Phoenix child knows about snowmen?)
This is cute little Jenna who we carpool with. She is almost 5 and is in her second year of Pre-School, so she is a professional. Everyday when I pick up Carter she gives me the run down on how he did..."Ummm he had a pretty good day today and made good choices." Sometimes I get..."Well he did not make good choices and had to go to time out, but hopefully tomorrow he will get a good choice sticker." I love kids and their honesty.
Ahhh...the wait is over....PIZZA!
I have never met a kid that looks like Carter until I met Caden! Carter loves Caden and always talks about Caden's cool shirts...notice he has a baseball shirt on. After the boys finished their pizza they decided to start a dance party. It did not take long for most of the kids to join in.
Here is the Pre-School class....minus Carter! Weird he wouldn't stand still for the picture. (A little sister snuck in though to fill in his spot!
Carter is loving Pre-School more and more each day and I think their is actually behavior improvements. Miss Teddie is so wonderful and I am so glad he can spend some of his mornings with her!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Have You Seen Carter?

Every day Carter asks me the same question....."Mom where's my ASU Sun Devil shirt! Is it clean yet?" He has officially moved from Steve Nash to ASU. That morning the shirt happened to be I told him yes and I would get it in a minute. Needless to say I was not quick enough. I could not find him and then I heard a funny noise....This is what I found!

"I was just looking for my shirt! I couldn't get it!" I guess he was trying to be self-sufficient!

San Diego...

We decided to take a quick trip to San Diego last weekend! Carter's last little get-a-way as an only child! (Poor guy doesn't know what is coming!) The hotel we stayed at was right across from the Padres Stadium....the team was out of town but you could get into part of the stadium and play! Carter thought he was in HEAVEN!
There was a mini-field and he played for hours....until we finally had to drag him away! People would stop and cheer him on and he thought that was GREAT! Running the bases! Very serious business!

While we were there we also went to Sea World! We have gone a few times this past year and he has LOVED it, this time he was a little nervous about a few of the shows! Shamu is the ultimate favorite!
(Ahhh...nothing better then 8 1/2 month pregnant pictures!)
Nana and Papa got him a Shamu Bat and Ball.....a definite high-light!

The bat went everywhere with us....Thanks Nana and Papa for letting us intrude on your vacation!

A Shower for Baby Kate...

A little while ago my AMAZING friends throw me a baby shower...They did such a wonderful job, I am so grateful for them and all they do for me and my family! I truly am so blessed to have such great friends. These are all pre-party pictures and I only go t a few...I wished I would of taken some more through out the night! It was so cute....they did an Ice Cream Sunday Bar!
Creative Marci....made baby Kate her own water bottle brand!

Thank you, thank you for everyone that came....I feel so lucky to have such great people in my life!


The wait is finally over! ASU Football Season is finally here, and it could not have come soon enough for Carter! He has a few favorite things to do at games: He likes when they kick field goals, he likes to get LOTS of treats, and he likes to scream "Come on ASU-Let's Go ASU!" And of course he likes to look for Sparky!

ASU had a sad loss, but Carter seemed to go home happy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Big 3 Year Old!

Happy Birthday Buddy! On September 6th Carter turned 3! Even though he has looked 3 for the past is now official! He can not wait until he turns 8! This whole baby and toddler thing, he thinks is a waste of time! We are so glad that you are in our family! We love you buddy!

Trying to hold up 3 is much harder then 2!
Carter at 2!
Carter at almost 1!
Carter at 2 months!
We are so glad that you are family, you definitely keep things busy for us! You are so full of energy and life there is never a dull moment! We love you so much!

Big Birthday Weekend...

Carter now thinks that his birthday should be a four day started off on Thursday when he brought his birthday cupcakes to Ms. Teddie's! He was so excited to have the kids sing Happy Birthday to him!
That night my mom and little nephew Drew flew in...which is the best present he could get! He loves his little cousin. Even though they are 2 years apart...they both have a little wild side! Friday night we had a Baseball birthday party at Nana and Papa's with family and friends. Carter hanging on the rim..(He is not allowed to, but thought he could get away with it since it was his birthday day!)
Party Posse! Boys, Boys, & more Boys!
His favorite thing of the night...Baseball Pinata! He kept telling everyone he had a Baseball Enchilada!

When everyone got out to eat....little man thought he should just stay in the pool by himself. We had to drag him out 30 minutes later!
He picked out his own cake this year from Costco!
Grant and Carter are two peas in a pod! They are so cute together...and are both OBSESSED with sports! Grant got him an ASU jersey...which Carter asks to put on every morning. "Mom, where is that Awesome Sundevils ASU jersey?"
Cute little Drew-Be! He was so fun to have! He was such a good sport with Carters 4 day birthday party!
This is the next day at a dinner with family....yes he is still in the same Awesome Jersey!

Grandma brought new matching Halloween Pj's....Carter saw them and looked at my mom and said...."Ummm are these Long Sleeves?" He hates long sleeves...kept the shirt on only long enough for the picture!
When Drew comes he loves to do a few Fruity Pebbles, play with that crazy guy Jimmy and go to Pecos Park...he loves the splash pad! Yikes! We love you Drew and are so glad you came!
Whew, next year he is getting ONE present and ONE special day! We love you Carter!