Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Potty Training!

Okay I had no idea how HORRIBLE potty training is.....we are on day 3 and it is still not going so well. Carter being my strong willed child doesn't really seem to want to do it! Monday was a day full of ALL accidents! Yup not once on the toilet. Tuesday we had a little more success with about half and half! So I thought today would be all downhill. Of course Carter had a different plan!
We put him to bed last night in a diaper ( not quite willing to change sheets all night) and at 12:30 he woke up screaming...he kept saying his"peanut" hurt and cried and cried for 45 minutes. Finally he said he wanted to get in the shower, which at this point we were willing to try anything! As soon as he got in the shower he went potty! (I know gross) But immediately felt fine, poor guy just had a full blatter and did not want to go in his diaper. Which seems a little weird since he has no problem going in his underwear. But know he wants to go potty in the shower instead of the toilet!
I am not sure if we are going to make it and become fully potty trained EVER....but the thought of going through these 3 days again is what makes me keep going! Needless to say it has been long days over here at the Damron's I am so jealous of all of you who have potty trained kids! Advice is welcomed!

Carter in one of his happier moments about this process showing off his muscles and baseball underwear....
The tough ones have to come cute!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sports Nut!

My two year old is a sports nut. I am not sure I have ever meet a little kid who LOVES sports so much. At age 2 he has decided that all he should ever wear is a sport shirt and basketball shorts! He wakes up in the morning and tells me exactly what he wants to put on....normally it is is Suns Steve Nash shirt and shorts! ( They are ridiculous!) But yesterday he let Kody put on some Khaki shorts, which doesn't sound like much, but is a huge step in our world. (He still had to wear an ASU shirt!) After he got dressed he was ready to play baseball. He got his glove and ball and got in his wind-up position and immediately fell to the floor screaming saying he could not pitch it because of his shorts. It turned out his shorts were just too restrictive.......

So we had to change outfits all together so he could do his COMPLETE wind-up without the short restriction! Pretty impressive!
Here he is with his new baseball net later. When the ball hits the net it bounces right back and he tries to catch it in his glove. The first few times he stood to close and got hit right in the tummy! "Boy Toys" I am not sure I will ever understand them!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We Love the "Y"!

Now that it is officially hot here we have started swim lessons at the Y, and Carter loves it. He is a little fish. I was a little nervous because he is terrified of sharks, so I was worried he was going to relate the water with them, but no! We have gone a few times already and he loves to play and swim after lessons. Even after an hour and half he is still kicking and screaming when we have to leave!

My favorite comment was, after he had been in the pool for 45 minutes he looked down at his finger and said, "Hey mom my fingers look like raisins!" He thought it was pretty funny!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Damron on the Way! YIKES!

Well for those of you who do not know yet Carter is expecting his first sibling! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and I am due the beginning of November. We are so excited to have another addition to the family. I am not sure Carter really knows what he is in for and how is little life is going to change. Then again we don't either. Carter keeps insisting it is going to be a brother...although the tech today thought it was a girl. (Keep in mind I am only 12 weeks so nothing for sure! We have to wait until June to find out!) I feel so blessed and am so happy to be pregnant....I just can't wait for the morning sickness to be over!

I know these are kind of tough to see but you are looking at the profile you can see the head, body, little legs and arms!

President Hadfield

This past week Kody's Mission President, John C. Hadfield passed away at only the age 57. I had the opportunity to meet him several times and spend time with him and his wife Lexine. They truly are some of the most AMAZING people I know. This was a hard week for Kody because President Hadfield was definitely and role model and friend. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to spend time with them. He will be truly missed. This was taken after the funeral with Hermana Hadfield. She is such a strong person. We love you Hermana Hadfield!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New York

A few weeks ago Kody, Carter and I went to New York and Boston for pretty much the ULTIMATE boys trip. Kody has always wanted to go to Yankee Stadium and since this is the last year before they move into the new one, it was now or never. So Kody of course planned to go during the week where we could hit both Baseball and Basketball games. I am not sure who was more excited though....Kody or Carter!
This was in Carter's first Taxi Ride....he thought it was awesome.....I had a little different feeling about it!
The one thing that I managed to drag the boys too in between all of the games was the Natural History Museum. It was great, you could spend days in there. Carter loved all of the animals, especially the monkeys!

Here is Carter at the Yankee's Game. Everyone that knows Carter or has spent some quality time with my little man knows that he is BUSY! But as crazy as it seems he has no problem sitting in the cold and watching a 3 hour baseball game! Go figure! If I could just get an hour at church!

Here are the boy on the Staten Island Fairy. The quickest and cheapest way to see Lady Liberty!

So in the middle of our trip we ended up in the ER with Carter at NY Hospital. To make a VERY long story short we had two nights, many X-Rays, lots of blood, an MRI and many tears later found out that Carter had an infection in the joint between his hip and leg. He starting complaining that his leg hurt Tuesday night and by 8pm would not bear any weight on it. We ended up taking him to the hospital at 1 am. It was so emotional, we were up for 36 hours in a strange city with no family or friends and a really sick boy. He was on the boarder line of having to have Surgery and could not eat for more than 24 hours. It was horrible! In the end everything turned out fine. We just now hope it never comes back!
This was taken the day he got released and is finally starting to walk again.

Of course the trip went on.....we got released at 4pm hoped in the rental car and took off to Boston just in time to make the last 4 innings of a Red Soxs Game. Carter of course was PUMPED! As we got to our seats the lady behind us had a wooden Red Soxs Bat. Kody and I both look at each other and are like "great" that is the last thing Carter needs......a serious weapon. As we sat down Carter kept turning around and eyeing the bat and flashing his big grin. Within 5 minutes the lady goes "Here buddy you can have this because you are so cute!" Carter could not stop smiling while I just kept thinking how many times I am going to get hit with that!

The next day in Boston we went downtown and did Quincey Market, the Freedom Trail, and the New England Aquarium! Carter loves Penguins. Maybe next time we go to Sea World we will try to bring one home with us!

As if going to a Yankee's Game, Red Soxs Game and Celtics Game was not enough Kody made sure there was enough time to stop at the Basketball Hall of Fame! It was better then Disneyland for the boys!

You were supposed to make a shot and then get back in line....Carter had a hard time with that....weird!

After 8 Crazy days in New York and Boston and a hospital stay in between we made it home in one piece. After that I am so grateful for Kody and Carter and their health! They really are great and I am so glad that we got to spend so much time together. I love you boys!


I know this is going to come as a complete shock to many of you that I am actaully making a post on our family blog! It has been MONTHS since my friend Molly came over and set up my inital post. I have been catching grief ever since! (I love you for keeping me on it though Molly! You are the best!)But I think it is time to finally join the bloggers world. After all I have a sister with 3 kids and who is crazy busy and she post all the time! So here we go! Hopefully I will be able to catch you up on our busy April! (PS. Does anyone know how to flip the pictures?!)
This is Crazy Carter! He is the cutest boy I know...of course I am a little bias! That's what moms are for though. He is 2 1/2 going on 7! He thinks being small is a complete waste of time! He is OBSESSED with any sort of sport, which of course his dad could not be happier about!
This is when people wish they lived in a few weeks we will be wishing we lived somewhere else!

WHAOO! Let summer begin! Yes in Phoenix it is already in the upper 80's. Which of course means SLIP N SLIDE time! This was Carter's first experience with his new Spiderman Slip N SLIDE and he thought it was totally awesome!