Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friends 4 Life...

I had this cute, crazy bunch over to play today....These 3 have been buddies since they started walking and are now all about to start Kindergarten. So Sad...They are so big!

April 2011 5 Years Old
May 2009 ~2 Years Old
June 2009~ Age 2
June 2010~ Age 4April 2009~ Age 3
Not quite sure why I was having such issues putting in the correct order...but there you go!
Such fun little friends. It is sad since Julia will be going to a different school next year. They will miss her. Last night we took Carter and Alex to "The Kindergarten Experience" at their soon to be school. I just can't believe my baby is going to school.
The saying of: The years go by so fast and some days go by really slow.
Sums it up for our house hold.
So fun to have such good friends for so many years... I am so thankful for all of their moms for "handling" Carter all these years. He was/is quite the handful.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Pictures

Ahh Easter Pictures. Seems simple enough. Get new clothes on and snap a few cute pictures of the kids smiling. Yeah right! This is the best I got after 500 shots, lots of snapping, telling the kids to hold still, look at the camera and sweating. Just okay. But we will take it!

The kids would not hold still so both of their solo shots are of them on the run, hence not being centered. We will take what we can get.

This one sums it all up:
Kate throwing a fit & Carter wanting to just get them over with!

Just look at the size of that mouth!
The girl can cry!
People keep asking when we are going to have another one....
Our little Kit Kat is 3 kids in one. Hence we will be waiting, LONGER!
Maybe just a 2 kid family for us....The Jury is Still out!
Hope your Easter was not as LOUD as ours.

Good Morning Easter

Happy Easter!
Kate actually got the morning started for our team because she had to go potty. As soon as she came out of her door she saw the Jelly Bean path the Easter Bunny left and said:
"Oh No Carter made a MESS!"
Can you say bed head...she has total Mop Top in the morning!
Pretty much Kate could not shove the candy in fast enough, she could not even focus for a picture. And all Carter cared about was finding the eggs.

Carter found all his eggs and then sorted them by style of ball then opened them.
Kate continued to double fist candy into her mouth.
The Easter Bunny put some dollars in the eggs...Carter was PUMPED!
A successful Easter....that is until we had to take the Dreaded Sunday Easter Picture!!

Car Washing...

Carter loves to do anything with his dad! Even chores are much better with dad then mom...A favorite chore is washing the car. Carter likes to be in complete control of the hose, which means are neighbors hear a lot of this:
"Carter don't spray Kate in the face!"
"Carter just spray the car not the house!"
"Carter you have to watch were you are spraying!"
A good time is had by all, except for Kate!
I guess that is not really true...Kate is a true water baby and is pretty tough. Dramatic but tough!

Once in awhile she gets mad and wants her turn with the hose....that doesn't normally go over well.

She loves the bubbles. Kate likes to put them all over her face and say,
"Ho, Ho, Ho, look at me I am Santa!"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Dodgers!

Spring is here...Which means BASEBALL SEASON! This year Carter is a Dodger. He had mixed feelings about it, but has warmed up to the idea. I don't think it can get much cuter then a 5 year old in his baseball uniform!
Before the season opener the Pony League has its Opening Ceremonies with all the teams.
I love that he is not too old or embarrassed to turn and wave and smile at me.
Marching out onto the field...
He is growing up, this year his coach did not make him hold his hand!
The Dodger Team...feeling a little restless after all the talking!

It is a pretty impressive league...31 teams this spring.
Finally GAME TIME!
He wanted to be just like the players and have his batting gloves in his back pocket.
Running from 2nd to 3rd!

Love that guy!
Then there is Little Miss Kate...Another season, another round of cheering...
At least during baseball season she can roam....
A girl and her thoughts....Probably thinking about lipstick, pretties, shoes, dance class and how she can take out Carter after the game. She is something else!
Let's Go Dodgers!


The kids and I headed off to California for Spring Break...It was awesome!
My kids always CRY when we have to leave! They are in heaven there.
This year we were there for St Patty's Day!
(I only took 3 pics the whole week...what was I thinking!)
Yes all the boys got home made 3 leaf clovers....yes done with Sharpie...we celebrated for about a week long until it finally came off!
Kate and her green pancakes and green milk! Yummy!
Highlights of the Trip:
*All 4 sisters were able to spend a few nights together staying up too late
*Baby sister announced a wedding this summer
*We were able to go to Palo Alto and have Family Night with Great Grandparents
*Brad had his 29th birthday again....He got just what he wanted all Rachel's sisters home
*MANY cousin sleep overs...WAHOO!!!
*Making and setting a Leapercon trap with Aunt Melly...Didn't catch him but he did leave some money
*Chuck-e-Cheeses Kate FAV
*Girls night outs: dinners, movies, toes, shopping
*Spending time with Great Grandma Ski
*Cousins Palooza...Carter wanted to spend every waking moment with the boys
(Thanks Rach for turning your schedule upside down)
*Rain...we love the rain since we never it did not stop the boys from always seeming to strip down to their skivs and jump on the tramp for hours
*Park time
*Playing with GRANDMA! My kids LOVE their grandma...she is the best!
Thanks mom for putting up with the mess and destruction we bring!
We love you!