Friday, February 11, 2011


Does it feel a little drafty in here to anyone else?

Messy Art Class...

That is "Messy Art" REALLY the title for the Art class Kate is taking...for good reason. It has turned in to Kate's favorite 45 minutes of the week and my least favorite! We both leave covered head to toe in paint, gak, cornstarch, you name it!
This week they were working on making Valentines...
As the class went on Kate decided it would be more fun to just turn herself into a walking Valentine! Sweet!
Pink Lipstick Anyone?!
They bring in a bucket of warm water for the kids to wash off their hand and arms, that is Kate's favorite part. She just likes to play in the water and "protect" it from anyone else using it! She is pretty fierce over the bucket. I went to go grab her a paper towel from the table and when I turned around she had her face in the bucket blowing bubbles as if it was her bath tub! Are you KIDDING me! I guess she is going to have one tough immune system! As took her away from the bucket she said, "Mom I just want to swim!"
Oh my little Kit Kat!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thanks Grandma!!

Thank you Grandma for my Pretty Pretty Princess Tutu for dance class! I LoVe it! I like to wear it all the time and spin around! I even let my mom do my hair when I have it on so I can look like a ballerina!
I think that this hanger is a wond and is part of the outfit!
Here are the many faces of ME.....
If only my mom could get one of me looking at the camera smiling.....
Not a chance!

(This last one is my ANGRY spin move!)
Thank you, thank you Grandma I miss and love you and can't wait for you to come see me in action!

Monday, February 7, 2011

No Words...

There really are NO words for this....
I guess I just need to enjoy the fact that they are getting along for a few minutes.
(Lots of fighting at our house lately...Mostly Kate starts it by walking up to Carter for no reason and smacking him. After that is quickly turns bad)
Look at that smooched nose.....
May the Force be With You!

Dance Class

It truly is amazing how girls just come GIRLY! Kate can not get enough of pretties, skirts, dancing, shoes, is like nothing Kody has ever seen before! He is in complete AWE of Little Miss Kit Kat!
She is something though....A True PIECE of WORK!
Kate and her Bestie Lucy have take dance/tubmling/movement class every Tuesday and THEY are definitely the BELLE'S of the BALL!
They spend quite a bit of time looking at themselves and spinning in the mirrors....
Kate a giving Lucy a little aggressive hug!
Showing off some moves....
It really is something to see....Girls are the Best!
Shhh don't tell!

Stars Wars Battle

Oh my little Carter....I went to check on him the other night after he was asleep and found this little ditty by his head. He created quite the battle between Obi Won and Darth Vader.
Doesn't really look like a fair match!
I was laughing at the order and the OCD-ness of it all though. Even the gun are held at the same angle.
Such a funny little man~So intense, competitive & aggressive BUT yet has quite a bit of OCD and order in his life.
Love that kid!

BlackRock Ranch

After Christmas we headed up to the Ranch....It is a magical place for kids.
Motorcycle Rides
Mule Rides
Sardines in the Dark
Dodge Ball inside
Really a kids heaven!
The boy on a hike down to the lake....
Carter & Cole...Carter is lucky to have AWESOME cousins. They really are such great role models and examples for him. It is so fun to watch their little friendships grow. Carter thinks Cole & Drew are the best people EVER!
Rock skipping
Hiking under the bridge...
I forgot to mention another cool factor: Riding in the bed of a truck!
I LoVe LoVe LoVe this picture...Grandma and Kit Kat doing a little light reading from People!
Carter's highlight....GUNS!

Last time he was a little nervous....This time Not So Much! He could not get enough!
It was a great way to finish our California Trip....Now we are on count down until we get to go back!