Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Chubba...

FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! After putting it off as long as possible Kate finally started her baby food! And needless to say she L-O-V-E-D it! Before the mess....
Carter was very excited about this whole thing, he wanted to help....
Mr. Clean though got a little green beans and oatmeal on himself and decided that was enough helping. Kate could not get it in fast enough.

Once the bowl was empty Kate proceeded to lick her tray...Seriously! At least she will be a good eater!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Gotta love play group on Mondays! Here are the 3 three "workers"!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mean Sticker

On the way home from Costco Carter started to cry and when  I look back this is what I see!
He had stuck a Costco photo sticker to his forehead and now he could not get if off because it was pull off his eyebrows and hair....Nasty cookie mouth from Costco, nice!
So I had to pull over half way home because he was wailing so bad and help remove the sticker! He kept saying, "Why are stickers always so mean to me!" Not sure what other bad sticker experiences he has had?

AHHH! Took it off without too many eyebrows attached!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Carter has a serious clothes disorder he changes his whole outfit, underwear and all about 7 to 8 times a day depending on what he wants to be.  For example if he wants to be a "baseball guy" he will put in new shorts, underwear, shirt, and hat. Then he will change to a football guy or a basketball guy...the list goes on and on! All clothes have to be color coordinated and all teams have to match! This is what is room looked like by ONLY 2 o'clock! Honestly, I thought one of the great things about boys were to NOT have clothes issues!
Then there is little Kate who every time she sees her bows smiles and laughs.  She is such a girl. Bows and ribbons already make her happy inside! Hopefully she will not have clothes issues like her brother!

Easter Morning Pictures...

Even though church is at 1 o'clock we are always running out the door late so we only got in a few pictures. All the kids still have wet hair but since Carter has a Brillo Pad for hair you can't tell his is wet!

Kate looking a little nervous, probably because Carter is holding her a little tight!
I don't know how you ever get a picture with both kids looking at the camera, let alone smiling.
Kate showing off her new bubble trick....
Kate and her 5 month Update..

1. Sleeps like a CHAMP, 8-8 almost every night!
2. Loves to blow bubbles, stick out her tongue, and drool!
3. Thinks her toes taste great!
4. Has turned into an official thumb sucker, has little blisters too prove it.
5. Loves to sleep on her tummy like her mom.
6. Thinks the more rough and crazy her brother is, the better and encourages him by laughing!
7. Can now say "dada, dada, dada"!

Is looking lighter and fading each day.  She is still on one medication and will remain on that for a few more months.  We have made it through the peek growth period so now hopefully it will just continue to fade and shrink naturally.

Who's excited on Easter?!

Carter thought Easter morning was a close 2nd to Christmas morning...CANDY left all over the house! He was seriously pumped about this Easter Bunny Character...
Cole, Drew, & Carter getting ready to start collecting the candy trail...Kate slept through her whole 1st Easter! My sisters kids get awesome "bed head"!
Cole was very good about taking every 3rd one and then making sure Drew left some fro Carter too!
They found the presents the Easter Bunny left them....

It was so much for to have cousins around for Easter morning, last Easter I spent with my friends cute kids because she was having her baby.  I can't believe how fast time goes by!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cousin LOVE.....

My nephews flew in from California on Wednesday and are here through the weekend! Just the two of them came by themselves since it was their Spring Break, Carter is loving it! Here are the 3 little monkeys hangin around!
Drew enjoying the water pressure.....?

Kate just taking notes of all the craziness!
Drying off after HOURS of fun!

We also went to the Children's Phoenix much fun! The boys painting the crazy house!
There is a "car wash" area for kids to ride bikes.  As some of you might know Carter is NOT a fan of riding put it lightly he STRUGGLES. Hit a fast ball, shoot on an 8 foot hoop, tackle kids twice his size no problem....BUT ride a bike YIKES! We tease he will be 8 with training wheels.  Anyways he found a solution to his bike riding problem.......Let the ladies do the WORK!
Drew thought that was a great idea too, much less work!
The highlight...NOODLE FOREST! I felt bad for all the other kids there, they were a little nuts!
Then off to the Y for swimming...nothing better then Arizona Springs!
Belly Flop.....Drew is A LOT BRAVE and A LITTLE CRAZY!
Trying to copy....not as much air though! 
Cole getting dumped on!

It has been so much fun having them and Carter is in HEAVEN!  Love you Mama Rach, hope the baby comes SOON!