Friday, November 6, 2009

The Kit Kat is 1!

WERE does the time GO! I can't believe Kate is already one! She has been such a blessing in our family: so happy, such a good sleeper and eater, such a TOUGH sister, and FUNNY!
Weight: 23 lbs~75% (Slimming down)
Height: 29 inches~94%
Head: 50%
What Kate Has Learned This Year:
*Eat everything with only 4 teeth
*Can take down Carter when needed
*Can turbo crawl and pretty much walk if she wanted
*Can say: no, no, no & point at Carter
*Can make ANYONE smile because she LOVES/flirts with everyone
What Kate Can't/Won't Do:
*Can't/won't say Mama
*Can't/Won't hold her own bottle (SO lazy!)
*Can't/Won't let Carter get the last hit
*Can't/Won't ever stop eating unless we give her no more food
*Can't/Won't go to sleep without sucking her thumb and twirling her hair

Grandma came out for the party...thank you, thank you for all your help! We love you! You're the BESTEST!
Kate showing off her 1's with her fingers

This was Kate's HEAVEN...A cake she could do anything she wanted with....
She started off a little timiding...
She could not believe we were letting her do this and did not stop her...checking it out.
Then she found her happy place...and went NUTS!
She could not get in fast enough....

She was SO happy & excited. I have never seen anything like it!
Here are some true signs of a GREAT cake....
The Frosting Paws...
The highchair & face COVERED in cake....
& the HAIR coated in frosting!
We love you Kate!

Happy Halloween 2009

The FootBall Player....
The CheerLeader/Tackle Dummy....
The Cutest Backside EVER!....
The TIRED Parents....
The Glory!

Pumpkin Patch AZ Style...

We headed off to Mother Nature's Farm to enjoy some more Fall activities.
I love, love October!
Kate LoVeS pretty much everything....
Even a hayride that circles an empty dirt lot and construction zones....
Cute little Kennedy and Carter!
Pumpkin decorating...
Carter's nickname (daddy's) is CHANCHO?! Spanish for pig....the picture seemed fitting.

Strong Man Competition
It was a great night, great company, and great weather. Only in Arizona though you nervous about getting a pumpkin too early because once you carve them they only last about 2 days!