Thursday, May 26, 2011


We were are able to sneak in one more duck trip before it got too hot. It was a hit, the ducks were hungry and the fish were out. Kate and Lucy were so excited when they saw the ducks out on the lawn....They started running towards them....
Then got a little nervous as they got closer and the ducks didn't move....
The girls warmed up quickly to the duck & the ducks seemed to warm up to the girls....
I have learned you can't bring old bread to the ducks because one piece goes to the ducks one piece goes to them..
Kate is so lucky to have a friend who puts up with her...
We HEART you Lucy!

It was an extra special trip because not only did we see turtles there was also a BABY duck. The baby duck provided DARLING conversation between the 2 girls, I wish I had a tape recorder.
A few comments:
"OHHH that baby duck is SOOO cute!"
"I love that baby duck!"
"Do you think she is swimming with her mommy or daddy!"
"Please can we catch that duck and her home?"
It went on for 10 minutes...I love listening to their little conversations....they crack me up!
I have a feeling the heat is hear to stay....Until Fall Baby Duck!

BackYard Fun!!

The heat is here...My kids have been spending every minute out back on the tramp with the hose and lovin' it! It's too hot for the mama so I take pics and wave from the window. Carter likes to practice his NBA JAMS spin dunks and is NinjaGo Moves. Sweet!
Kate spends quality time at her water table...washing cars, making "soup", playing with her barbies. Also trying to get out of Carter's way when he squirts/chases her with the water guns.

She has quite the "mop" of hair and still hates to get it done...
hence she always looks like she had wicked bedhead! Nice!


Friends. Dirt. Candy. Smores. Playground. Baseball. Games. Bottemless Cooler of Gatorade. DAD!

DBack Night...

One of the highlight nights for Carter is PONY DBacks Night where they get to go and parade on the field. Some of his teammates.
Carter was in heaven...Lovin every minute!

Pure Bliss...
Then when kids/fans started giving High-Fives...he thought it was official...he was a Super Star!

Cutest. Thing. Ever!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Coming...

It's coming...with only a few days of school left summer is almost here! The kids are feeling the itch to not be on a schedule to stay up late and sleep in. But most of all just wear a swim suit ALL day. Our magic friend had a little swim party for the kids...they were in heaven!
Water guns, beach balls, friends...It's the best!
Carter & Alex...only 3 more days of preschool FOREVER! I just can't believe it! I am so glad these boys will be able to be at the same school next year too!
Kate & Lucy having a little girls cute!

House Party...
Got to practice up on the "Playground Games"....another thing to learn before Kindergarten!
Lunch Time

The Kids Crew...
I have very mixed feelings about summer coming...I am excited about not being on a schedule and swimming all day...but not for the 110!
Thank you Vickie for being so incredible and letting us live at your house...You're the Best!

Movie Night...

Our friends hosted a movie in park night for a bunch a families and it was HEAVEN! It was perfect weather, perfect company, and perfect snacks! Carter asked if we could do it again the next night!

Waiting for the popcorn to pop...can you tell what Carter and his buddies were excited about!
Carter & Ryder
There was even a little romance in the air...Lucy & Dillion. Are they not the cutest!
Some of the kids...they were awesome. I don't think you can get a better combo of watching a movie outside with your friends and having every kind of snack just a few feet away!
Like I said HEAVEN!
Such a fun night!

Last Game...

We wrapped up another great baseball season! We were lucky and even had great weather! Carter has turned into quite the little ball player! He loves it...his favorite positions were 1st base, 3rd base and pitcher.
Kody spent time in the field too...helping to "focus" Carter.
Carter went the whole season without hitting off the T and hit quite a few homeruns!

I love the focus...
I can't believe how much bigger, faster and stronger he has gotten since last spring. It is sad that by age 5 Carter has already passed up his mom in baseball skills.

Carter was a lucky boy and always had the best cheering section. Grandma made it out from California for a few games and Nana and Papa were incredible and made it to almost every game. Such a lucky boy to be so loved!
Kit Kat is just there for the snack and treats. I think the poor girl has many more seasons of being a cheerleader.

Since it was the last game they had their little party with trophies and treats. They brought balls for all the kids to sign...Carter took it very seriously.
Bad pic...but her is Carter with his 2 coaches...such a great season!
Since Carter made The Allstars we are in a for a few more weeks of baseball. Cross your fingers for nice weather! Way to go little man....You are an awesome little player!