Monday, February 22, 2010

Every Last Bit...

You know it is good when your 1 year old can not seem to get enough....
Kate picked every last piece of Macaroni out of the container...
Then attempted licking any remaining cheese left on the side...
It is true that girls LoVe shoes...we have to pry these sweet crocs off her at night!
Another meal down...

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Tricks...

Sweet, calm, quick, soft-spoken (Yeah right) Kit Kat has pulled out a lot of new tricks these past few weeks...It seems as though she has just decided to Be Big Now...
A new favorite trick is opening, emptying, and climbing in cupboards.

Once she has made it all the way in she likes to shut the door....Crazy girl!
Another favorite past time....pushing the water and ice button on the fridge and drenching herself and the floor. She thinks it is hysterical and belly laughs until I catch her....
Notice the face...She knows she is busted!
Other FuN NeW TrIcKs...
*Opening bedroom and bathroom doors..she can now play in the toilet whenever she wants!
*Getting down the stairs without help (Most of the Time)
*Mastered AWESOME tantrums
*Knows exactly what she wants ALL the time, but can't talk which equals A Super Bossy Grunter
*It is AMAZING how much you still love the little HomeWreckers!*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh YES!!!

Okay I am a little embarrassed to put this on my shows my complete lack of parenting skills but this is Little Kit Kat in all her glory!
We were at a birthday party and Kate thought it was her job to clean up EVERYONES plate....she drank/dumped on herself 12 rootbeers, ate/ smeared six cupcakes , ate 1 lbs. of grapes, and of course took her hair out just so she could look completely awesome! Yes, after taking things away from her the first 20 minutes I realized it was useless....
Kate thought it was the BEST party ever!
Needless to say the updated haircut came a few days later!
Here's to parenthood and eating our words about things we said we would never let our children do!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DBacks Fan Day....

This morning Carter and Kody went to The DBacks Fan Day at Chase Field....and Carter was in HEAVEN! You could actually go down on the field and have balls pitched to you. The DiamondBacks pitching coach was pitching to Carter, he started out close and pitched underhanded....but he quickly learned to back up and throw some heat!
Getting ready...watching the ball....
Carter was able to hit multiple balls over the fence....more then a lot of the 10 year olds! The annoucers in the back could not believe him...
After the DBacks Pitching Coach was so impressed he thought Carter should sign up for the Mini DBacks classes for the 6-10 year olds. Needless to say Kody was SO proud! Carter was just mad he missed two pitches!
Carter and the DBacks Pitching Coach....
There were blow-ups and bounce houses....
They also were able to tour the clubhouse...Carter in front of one of his favorite players locker: Stephen Drew!
They came home with signed balls and bats Carter's little life it does not get much better!
Carter is now on countdown until the season starts....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

15 Already...

I can not believe that Kate is 15 months already...where has the time gone!
(I feel like an old person saying that!)
But these past few months Kate has transitioned from a baby to a little girl, it is sad but also REALLY fun! Here are her stats:
Weight: 23 lbs~ 55%
Height: 32 in.~ 95%
Head Cir: 46cm~ 60%
*She can now RUN, RUN, RUN...
* She can climb up the steps and go down the slides all by herself on playgrounds now
*Has NO fear of ANYTHING!
*Can hold her own against Carter which is VERY impressive
*Is starting to talk: "All Done", "Go, Go, Go" "Please & Thank you", "No, No, No", "Ya, Ya, Ya"
*She can understand tons and now CHOOSES not to listen
*She knows animal sounds: fish, tiger, lion, bunny, bee, monkey, duck, & dog
She is such a happy and fun little girl to have in our house. Always keeping us laughing. When I took her in our Dr. said....
"Well Kate sure knows how to command a room!"
Our little Miss Personality! Not to mention she got a big girl hair cut....
in hopes she won't look so scroungy now!
We love you Kit Kat!

Backyard Picnic...

We are trying to soak up every minute of our Arizona winter. We are feeling so lucky we are not getting record breaking snowfall like other places. Even though it is only in the high 50's Carter thought he needed some hot chocolate to get warm!
Having siblings is the BEST! They are finally getting to an age were they both really like each other. Carter can help and Kate can is a great age!
We have to enjoy it now, because summer is just around the corner... Yikes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brian Bennion Taylor

Brian Bennion Taylor, a devoted oldest brother of nine, a loving son and a treasured friend, passed away at age 19 on January 22nd after battling with severe illness.

Brian was born in San Diego to George and Marian Taylor on February 21st, 1990. After two years in San Diego and Pocatello, Idaho, Palo Alto was his home for 16 years. An avid reader as a child, he began to read, at age five. He would wait for the newspaper each morning to study sports statistics and he conversed with adult fans on the standings. He attended Hoover Elementary and was recognized as a gifted student there.

Adventurous, athletic, bright and ambitious, Brian was happy as he served others and as he spent time with extended family and friends. He loved the outdoors and his warm smile and loyalty were a magnet to friends of all ages throughout his life. He was fun-loving, curious and determined. His love for athletics and music were contagious. He aspired to a career that would use his skills in communication and teaching.

A Gunn High School graduate in 2008, Brian loved varsity wrestling and tennis. He was an Eagle Scout and he received a gold presidential service award for giving over 250 hours of service within a year's time. He was the service chair for the Gunn student body and he was a homecoming prince in his senior year. He also served in many youth leadership positions at church.

Brian held diverse jobs as an umpire, a counselor for Foothills Tennis and Swim Club, a lifeguard, a camp leader for 25 children, an award-winning Cutco salesman, a law assistant, and a ranch hand in Idaho.

The first unrecognized symptoms of Brian's illness were repetitive, looping thoughts during his sophomore year in high school. School became increasingly difficult, and some relationships were more strained as he had initial symptoms of a mood disorder. He was still involved in so much and contributed to so many causes and attained great success in his endeavors. He began his freshman year at Brigham Young University in the fall of 2008. However, his illness was escalating and he returned home after several months.

Granite Bay, California, was Brian's home for most of his last year, where he lived on a beautiful 240 acre cattle ranch, surrounded by his devoted family. With characteristic determination, he struggled to work at a sandwich shop and then attempted wrestling and taking classes at Sierra College. He sought help from caring professionals at UC Davis. Finally, Brian spent most of his last two months at the UCLA and Stanford Medical Centers where he received excellent care. He was faced with diagnoses of bipolar disorder and then schizophrenia. His acute illness affected every aspect of his life.

He is survived by his parents and eight devoted siblings: Bradley, Tessa, Gregory, Kallan, Mark, Melissa, Sarah and Benjamin. He is also survived by two great-grandmothers, Marian Wilson and Ethelyn Taylor; four grandparents, Henry and Colette Taylor and David and Connie Bennion; 25 aunts and uncles, and 41 first cousins. Brian's favorite times were summer family reunions each year. The number of extended family who will cherish close memories of him far surpasses these numbers. We rely on our faith, which assures that Brian is with loved ones and a caring God while we wait to see our treasured son again in the next life.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to the Brian Bennion Taylor Legacy Fund, see instructions on his website The contributions will fund research on schizophrenia as well as provide mental health support for those in need.

This past weekend I attended my cousins funeral. It was heartbreaking. I am so grateful for the church and eternal families. I am so thankful for my wonderful family and how amazing they are! Family flew from all across the country for support to be there. When such tragic things happen in life it really makes you look back and gain perspective on life and what is truly important.