Friday, October 29, 2010

4th Annual Halloween Bash!

Look out ladies...It's Captain Rex! (Who would of thought, Carter not dressed up as a Sports Guy!)
Magic Marci held her 4th Annual Halloween Kids Party....Now this is a girl that knows how to PAR-TAY! Just take a look:
The kids spread...
Some cute title for things:
Witches Brooms (Cookies with Pretzel sticks)
Monster Toes ( Nutter Butters dipped in green chocolate)
Pumpkin Teeth (Orange Slices)
Pumpkin Bones (Cheese Puffs) Pumpkin Puke (Ranch Dressing)
Cat & Bat Bite (Turkey Sandwiches on dyed black bread)
Monster Brownies, Daddy Long Leg Cookies, & mummified Cheese Puffs!
As for drinks she had:
Halloween H2O for the kids (Blue juice with a worm coming out)
Witches Brew for the Mama's
Kids table settings...
And of course her AMAZING party gifts! Yes, she made the little candy corn jars!
There were lots of activities from coloring masks, to making necklaces, to the pumpkin toss, to making cookies! Pretty much heaven for the kids!
This year Carter was the OLD man his 4 Big Kid friends all went to Kindergarten...leaving the lone ranger. Or should I say the lone Rex!
Although the stink face Belle did make it.....look at the princess giving the evil eye!
Kate loved the treats and candy EVERYWHERE. I think every time I found her she was shoving her face...notice the full mouth.
Trying to get a group shot.....
Beauty & the Beast

My 2 found their way to the cookie frosting table, and did not seem to move...Carter had the technique of dip, lick, frost!
I could not resist...the 2 of them sitting right by each other and not fighting...Guess I need to bring cookies to frost to church on Sunday. That will keep them quite!

That is a face only a mother could love! So yummy!
Thank you Marci for the awesome party.....AH-MAZING!

Halloween Recipe Club...

October is one of my favorite is filled with party after party, and not just parties for the kids! The Pickett's hosted their annual Halloween Adult Party, guaranteed to be a good time!
It is so fun to get together without the kids and catch up since all of us live all over the Valley. We have all been friends going on 8 or more years....Been through babies, school, jobs, more school, and everything else. I feel so blessed to have these guys in my life!
The crazy crew...Notice Ladies at one end, men at the other...

After we placed "Minute to Win It!" It was awesome, everyone is such a good sport. Here is Joe showing us his best booty-shaking moves trying to get the ping pong balls out!
Lots of fun activities...Joe trying to show Kody how to stack 5 was Kody's nemesis!
Thank you, thank you for such a fun night! Good food, good friend, good time!
Oh and NO kids! Sweet!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mother Natures Farm...

On Saturday we headed out to Mother Natures Farm so the kids could pick out a pumpkin.
Why is it so impossible to have both kids look at the camera!
Kate LOVED this little chicks!
The DIVA in one of the tunnels!
The ghetto hay-ride! At one point Carter said, "Hey look dad, garbage!" Quality!
Kit Kat and her crazy faces...

Carter found his pumpkin....Yeah right!
He did pick out the perfect one for Kate though, she was not so sure about the "punkin" at first...

But after a few princess & animal stickers.....
She was sold and would not put that thing down!
Notice the tight grip to her pumpkin in the hay maze.
Once again, Miss Sassy-Pants & her "Pumkin!"
My big man!
Once again...comical I know...I told Carter to put his arm around Kate, she is ticked he is touching her, and he keeps telling me the hay is itchy! Nice!
All in all the Pumpkin Patch was a hit!

Nice Kit Kat!

The other day at lunch Kate decided it would be better to smear noodles EVERYWHERE instead of eat them! She was covered head to toe. I even found some in her diaper. Pure Talent!
Angel Hair pasta is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of hair and carpet. I will definitely be sticking with penne from now on!
Kate kept pointing to the carpet...."Oh No Mama! Ah Nasty!"
This required the automatic strip down to the tub! Pretty Sweet!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mt. Lemmon Camping....

I really think there is not much better than camping for kids. It really is magical: from the friends to the dirt to the tent to the freedom to run, climb, & hike! The other weekend we headed up with about 9 other families to Mt Lemmon in Tucson and had a BLAST!
Daddy & Kate on a little father-daughter hike.
Kaci, Carter, & Alex. Carter was in complete heaven, 6 of his preschool friends were there along with all of his older friends. I don't think we saw him all weekend!
We stayed up there for 2 nights and 3 days....some of the kids got a little car sick and ate too much junk the night before and poor Kaci had a little barfing experience at night in her tent, in Marianne's purse!
1st day and still pretty clean....NOT FOR LONG!
Kate was in heaven between all the food she would swipe from everyone, all the toys the older girls brought up, the dog, and the constant dance party, she was in HEAVEN!
A few of the boys gearing up for a mean game of FlagFootball. Kids vs. Dad's!
This is supposed to be their nice smiles.....
Then the crazy faces.
Llayton drawing out a play...
Team cheer...
The Line-up....I think the game was too close to call a winner. They played for HOURS!
The girls also brought up some chalk that Kate loved. Not only to draw with but also use as lip gloss! Sweet!
Trying a more relaxing pose to draw.
One of the hikes we went on was so a near by lake...Of course one of the highlights was skipping rocks and having a throwing competition. Can you see the flying pine cone?

Ahhh...2 days in, feeling nice and fresh!

This campsite was amazing with grated pods for tents and a private Ramada with electricity! Many hours were spent playing games, a very serious game of chess!
Another favorite was scooter racing, the kids started and then some how it was over taken by the dad's who had to bust out an actual timer.
Kate could not believe the snacks that just seemed to be out...I think you can see licorice, marshmallows, chocolate, chips, soda, and dirt on her face. Just to name a few.
I think this is my new favorite picture of Kate. I know, I know it is ridiculous...messy hair, messy mouth, and a punk face....BUT this is Kit Kat in her ALL her glory rocking out to music!
Kit Kat's BBF came up Saturday afternoon. She was so excited to see Lucy. They played and liked to tell Sierra who is just barely one that she is a baby. Since they are SO much older!

This huge rock provided HOURS of entertainment...
Maybe that is all we need in out yard! Carter and the ladies!
The set-up was incredible at this campsite....the fire pit area was cemented and the pods were all closed enough that we could put the kids down and the adults could stay up until WAY too late.
Another Carter favorite: Jiffy Pop, Roasting Marshmallows, and Cobbler
Kate can always seem to find something really dangerous to play on. Since she has no fear and is a little monkey it seems about right that she would like to run full speed on a little ledge. Notice Kody's arm trying to block her...

Day 3.....Looking Good!
Kate giving Lucy a little too much of a hug!
When it was time to leave there were actual tears, Carter kept asking when we could go back! I guess that is the sign of a great trip. Not to mention the sweet dirt faces.

Although it is LOTS of work for the mama's with the packing and the food and the cleaning not to mention the dreaded up-packing and was WORTH IT! Carter is still asking when we can go back. Maybe next year buddy!