Friday, July 30, 2010

Tilden Park

This is always one of our favorite places to come to in Berkley....It is incredibly beautiful and has lots of fun stuff for kids to do!
Carters first order of business: get a map and plan out the day!
First to the park....
Pretty, Pretty Princess...
Cute Baby Wes....
Then off to the Petting Zoo....Kit Kat and Grandma
Carter getting a kick out of feeding the animals

Wes & Kate checking out the back side of the MAMA pig...NICE!
Carter explaining to Wes that whose chickens peck at you....learned by experience!
Kate feeding the CRAZY goats! They are definitely not afraid of those fingers!

Classic Face....Kate trying to climb up and over....almost did!
My little monkey!

Then off to the Merry-Go-Round!
This is Wes's excited face....Really!

Kate got to ride a few times, while we watched and waved!
Kate seemed to think it was still not enough....Look at that mouth! Impressive!
Still crying while shoving popcorn in her mouth! Awesome!
Last stop the Train....He said he liked this train better then Thunder Mountain! Really!

I love it there, especially the brisk air!
Wish we had some of that right now!

Happy 4th!

Nothing better then getting all bundled up for a night of fireworks....finding a secret path to the fireworks with Melly & Porter.
(Kate had already been asleep for 2 hours!)
Getting cozy after a mean game of football with 10 year olds!

A little WWF with's the BEST!
Daddy to the rescue....ran back in traffic to get it!
Whew! Fun, Fun!


Not much to say about this craziness....Yes this is someones back yard! It is filled with fake animals, people, furniture....CRAZY!

I could not really capture how nuts this yard was huge with a ton of animals from farm animals to jungle to cowboys and Indians.....enough said! YIKES!

The BIGGEST Slip n Slide!

Check out those MUSCLES! Melly & Porter are the best aunt and uncle....they set up the BEST BIGGEST slip n' slide EVER! The kids were in heaven.
Step 1: Show off muscles
Step 2: Cover your self in dish soap.....FOR SPEED!
Step 3: Wait for it......
Step 4: GO GO GO!
Step 5: RACE...Get to the bottom before Uncle Porter catches you!
Carter already made it down and is running up to the top again! Talk about a work out!

Go, Buddy, Go!
Step 6: Try to land in the mini pool.....if not you get some serious grass-rash!
Even Kit Kat got a turn with Uncle Porter.....
Needless to say NOT a fan!
Kate with the stink eye....
Indo was Kate's happy place!
Carter after about 50 runs down the slide....Pure HAPPINESS!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just like Daddy...

Kody came to visit over the 4th....Carter was so excited. I don't think he left his side the whole weekend. He even wanted to match him every day! Cute!

Stanford Cactus Garden...

My cousin Bradley had his Eagle Court, so we headed across the bay and stopped at the Stanford Cactus Garden first. Now for us we are used to them, but for Drew it was magical. He has a cactus named Spike that he LOVES. So he was so excited to see some Huge ones!
Little Phoenix girl still thought she could touch them, thank goodness Aunt Rachel was all over it! Kate has made a new best friend in Rach...whenever Rach comes over Kate squeals and screams, "Rach, Rach, Rach!" until she picks her up! So Cute!

Some of the cousins!

I have to say it was nice to look at cactus in 70 degree weather instead of 114!