Monday, December 20, 2010

Polar Express 2010

This year we headed up to the NorthPole with some friends and had a MAGICAL time...(Besides the crazy fog and no snow!)
As a little side note...Kennedy had a little "thing" if you will, for Carter a few months back, and now seems to be completely over him: but now Carter is all about Kennedy and was making sure he could sit by her on the train!
BOYS! They start young!

The Polar Express!
Waiting to board the train....
Trying to get a picture of the 2 year olds...Good Luck!
The boys were much better listeners.
One of the cooks...taking our tickets....
Finally on the TRAIN! Let the cookies, hot chocolate, singing, and stories begin!

This year Carter was all about following along with the cute!
He is just turning into a Big Man!
Kate decided that Nat & Rex would be a great replacement family. She sat with Rex forever...Lucy was nice enough to share her daddy and Rex was nice enough to put up with The Kat!
Looking at the NORTH POLE! We made it!
Then we heard that Santa came on board at the North Pole....Looking for him!
Oh they spotted him....Kate was so excited clapping & screaming
(since that is pretty much her only volume level)
"A give Santa a Hug! A give Santa a Hug!"
But when Santa came she panicked and settled for a High-Five! Carter giving Santa very specific instructions on what he wanted!
This is my FAVORITE picture....Santa told him "Yes" that he would work on that for Christmas! Look how excited he is....Ahhhh the pure MAGIC of Christmas!
And of course no trip is complete to the North Pole without a new shiny Christmas Bell!

It is always a little sad when the train pulls back into the station....Carter said,
"Hey mom, can we go again tonight to the North Pole?"
When explained he had to wait until he was 6 there were almost tears!
I love Christmas Time & how Magical it is for little kids!
It was a great trip...ready to book for 2011!

Dear Santa...

Carter's Christmas Letter for 2010 is officially sent off to the North Pole....
This year he is asking for a Star Wars Lego Guy~Jengo Fett. A collectors item...hmmmm?

Temple Lights...

It has been a family tradition to go and see the temple lights for years, and every year I am still AMAZED at how beautiful the lights and grounds are!
Kate loved it screaming: "Oh PRETTIES!" at every turn!
I laugh every time I see the wise men...When Carter was a little over 3 we were trying to take a picture in about the same spot when he turned around, jumped the rope and TOOK OFF for the camels! Luckily he tripped on a divot in the grass, or it was going to be a brutal explanation to the grounds keeper about how our son knocked over the camels.
Look how far he has come in 2 year! He thought that was an AWESOME story!
Carter's favorite lights this year were the waterfalls...or as he called it: The Blue Jell-O!

Only in Phoenix do you stop by Bahama Bucks after because it is not too cold for a Bahama Rama Mama!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Kate the BLUE nosed Princess!
Kate seems to really be getting in the Christmas Spirit!
This is how she looked after a little playtime with chalk!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kit Kat's PlayDate!

Kate's little BBF Lucy came over to play yesterday and they were ADORABLE!
play dates are WAY more fun then Boy play dates.
The boys are always pretending to shoot things and jump on things and tear apart things.
Girls giggle and play dress-ups and dance! LOVE IT!
I have never see 2 little girls that LOVE to dance to much....Lucy is a good sport because Kate can be a little "intense" when she dances!
They were so cute though....they giggled, and played princess, and jumped and they TALKED! It is so funny to listen to them and their little voices and vocabulary, they talk non stop to each other now....So Fun!
They were sitting and doing exactly the same thing...Too Cute!
This was about a year ago...on one of their 1st play dates...
I guess some things have still not changed:
Kate's hair CONSTANTLY in her face because she pulls at it &
Lucy having to put up with KRAZY KATE!
We love you Lucy, thank you for being such a good friend!

Damron Christmas...

Carter & Papa
On Sunday we had Christmas with the Damrons....Carter was so excited. It was so painful for him to wait to open presents until AFTER dinner. I can remember that feeling! Just waiting and wanting the grown-ups to eat & talk faster. It is so fun to watch the excitement! I love it!
Before he presents Nana always reads the story of Jesus...
Then gifts were torn into...Kate's highlights were a little Barbie 4x4. Look out!
Ok seriously look at that face....That is a SERIOUS mouth!
Then I told her to say seemed a very aggressive "cheese"!
The other highlight was a box of dress-ups...Needless to say the combo was PRICELESS!
Kids and Christmas are the best! Everything is so magical!

Tis The Season...

Tis the Season of too many fun activities, not enough time, and staying up WAY to late! But I think that is part of the magic! I have been so bad a taking pic of our fun December we have had so her are just a few. The other night we decorated some of the BEST Gingerbread Cookies every with a few families! Fun was had by all!
Look at the concentration of those boys!
I love this pic....Here is Carter trying to focus on his cookie and he has two little ladies telling him what he should be doing and what would look better.
Welcome to the rest of your life buddy!
Check out that MasterPiece! Awesome!
Great food! Great Friends! Doesn't get much better!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It was only a matter of time...I am shocked we made it 5 years with incident.
Shower + Jumping=Slipping and slamming chin & nose on the ledge=1 trip +4 Hours + Double Layer of Stitches=LOTS of crying!
It was pretty nasty looking you could see the Jaw Bone...
He was so crazy about getting the shots and stitches they almost had to go the hospital to get sedated...
The Burrito Wrap seemed to work...
Nice...Man Scar!
Kate went crazy herself....she had not gotten in the shower yet Carter went down. She I think was nervous and scared and it took her almost a whole hour to calm down. She kept crying.
"A Carter, A Bonk, A Ouchy!"
Finally a little milk and "Rella" did the trick.
Yes, she has an Ariel Nightgown over her Jammies....Yes, she still takes off her Jammies and yes, she is still safety pinned in them!
Carter even asked for some princess stickers for Kate when he was leaving Urgent Care! He went through and picked out a few of her favorites....
So cute to see how much the 2 of them really do LOVE each other.

Round 3...Let it Begin!

It is official! Miss Teddie's Famous Gingerbread Houses are the 1st real sign of the Christmas Season! They are incredible! This will be Carter's 3rd house he has made. He has definitely gotten faster and better.
The Pre-House before all the treats go on!
Let the candy begin...half way through Carter looks at me, "Mom my tummy is killing me!" Hmmm I wonder if it was the 50 pieces of candy he ate. One for the house, One for him!

His little fake smile...Pretty impressive house!
December 2010 ~Age 5
December 2009 ~Age 4
December 2008~Age 3
This year when he brought it home Kate's head almost EXPLODED! She thought that was the best thing she had ever seen! A house covered with candy!
She could not leave it alone...
Notice the full cheeks and fingers covered in frosting.Busted! We had to move it up high so she could not climb to get it! We will see how long it lasts. Normally Carter will eat a few pieces and be done with it...
I think Kate has BIG plans for that house!
These Gingerbread Houses are truly AMAZING! Thank you Miss Teddie for all your hard work and love that you put into these houses! I think Carter will be VERY disappointed next year when they don't get to make one in Kindergarten!