Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Week ReCap...

Well we have survived the first 2 weeks of Kinder. I am not sure who dreads the mornings more, me or Carter! Poor guy has a hard time with the mornings like his mama.
After the first day things went much smoother. He has done such a good job. He has gotten to bring home the "Rainbow Bag" for making such good choices along with the class stuffed animal.

Each day Mrs. Willis hands out a Bug Buck for good behavior. If you had a good day you get a whole buck then depending on your choices you can get a corner snipped or it cut in half or none. We have only had one little incident with getting it cut....It happened in the cafeteria.

Long story short: Carter claims he was shooting his yogurt in the garbage but the VP claims he was throwing food. Needless to say the Bug Buck got snipped.
This is part of the the email I received from his teacher:

Carter spent most of the afternoon negotiating ways to get a whole coupon. (Future lawyer perhaps?) Then, on the way out the door-when he realized I wasn't budging he said,
"I just don't understand this. I never got in trouble in preschool."
I gave him a smile and said,
"Maybe I should call Miss Teddie and check with her to see why not."

He said,
"Well, maybe I did get in trouble...once."

That's my little man...always trying to work an angle. But the next day he received the wrist band that means he had AWESOME behavior!

Never a dull moment with this one....Even though his mama would like some!

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Foulgers said...

Mwahahaha, oh Carter. He looks like Kod in those pics :)