Thursday, May 24, 2012


Well it has almost been a year and a lot has happened over here...I am going to make an attempt to back blog and at least get some pictures in of the last crazy year of our life. The best thing that has happened is Little Chlo Bug...Chloe was born in March!
 She is VERY LOVED at our house especially by Kate!

As you can see...VERY LOVED!!
Hopefully more posts to come!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cracker Jax...

We braved the heat and headed to the driving range last weekend. Carter loves Cracker Jax because it automatically Tee's Up your ball for you. It is a win-win because he can go through 110 balls in 15 minutes instead of 40 at a regular range.
It has been awhile since it has been so hot....
His 1st few swings were a crazy combo of a baseball swing and a Ninja Move...

Daddy finally had to step in a re-correct...It was much better after that!
Once Kate realized what was going on she wanted in on the action...
Daddy trying to help out our EVER SO PATIENT KATE! Yeah Right! He favorite saying right now is,
"I can do it MYSELF!"
2 year olds!
The problem is Kate is a Lefty and we only have Righty clubs...she immediately turned the club backwards and was trying to figure it out.
Yup, she kept trying to hit the balls at me since the clubs were backwards to her...

We took her to GolfSmith and tried out some Lefty clubs which she seemed to love. Maybe when it cools down (IF IT EVER DOES @$%#^) We will have to invest in some Leftys!

2 Week ReCap...

Well we have survived the first 2 weeks of Kinder. I am not sure who dreads the mornings more, me or Carter! Poor guy has a hard time with the mornings like his mama.
After the first day things went much smoother. He has done such a good job. He has gotten to bring home the "Rainbow Bag" for making such good choices along with the class stuffed animal.

Each day Mrs. Willis hands out a Bug Buck for good behavior. If you had a good day you get a whole buck then depending on your choices you can get a corner snipped or it cut in half or none. We have only had one little incident with getting it cut....It happened in the cafeteria.

Long story short: Carter claims he was shooting his yogurt in the garbage but the VP claims he was throwing food. Needless to say the Bug Buck got snipped.
This is part of the the email I received from his teacher:

Carter spent most of the afternoon negotiating ways to get a whole coupon. (Future lawyer perhaps?) Then, on the way out the door-when he realized I wasn't budging he said,
"I just don't understand this. I never got in trouble in preschool."
I gave him a smile and said,
"Maybe I should call Miss Teddie and check with her to see why not."

He said,
"Well, maybe I did get in trouble...once."

That's my little man...always trying to work an angle. But the next day he received the wrist band that means he had AWESOME behavior!

Never a dull moment with this one....Even though his mama would like some!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

911 & The 1st Day of School...

Well I knew it was going to be a day a NEVER forgot, my baby going to Kindergarten...but I had know idea just how UNFORGETTABLE it was going to be!
Here is my big man all ready for his 1st day of Kinder...So Stinkin CUTE!

I took him to school in the morning and he was so excited. He was excited about his desk, his teacher and having one of his best friends in his class. It made it much easier to leave him. As soon as we walked in he turned around and said, "See ya mom!" Then off he went. It was me that was not ready to head out.
Carter & Mrs. Willis
Alex & Carter...
It was so nice knowing he had his friend in his class. Just a little piece of mind for me.

After I was finally forced to leave the class once the bell rang I was nervous and scared for him. Will he be nervous, will he have fun, will the kids be nice to him, will HE be nice to the kids, will he listen, will he get lost. It went on and on...and 7 hours is a LONG day for a 5 year old.
I pulled myself together and headed home.
Then at 10:42 I got a call from his school....
"Mrs. Damron, Carter passed out at school and was unresponsive so we called 911 and the ambulance is on the way. Would you like us to hold it until you get here?"
I said yes and jumped in the car, since I didn't know whether or not I would have to head to the hospital I called my friend to drop off Kate.
I FLEW to her house...As soon as I turned up the street I saw the motorcycle cop...BUSTED! 65 in a 35 I knew he was not going to let it slide. Yup, he flipped on his lights and stated after me. I was not going to stop though until I got to my friends house...I was in a hurry!
So he had to follow me at least a good mile and a half until I finally stopped, plus I didn't slow down. As soon as I pulled up I jumped out of the car and started pulling out the girls. My friend ran out and I started throwing the half dressed girls to her, she thought the cop was with me and I had to inform her that he was just there to give me a ticket.
As I started explaining what was happening to the cop I of course lost it and he just looked at me like the basket case that I was and told me to go.
So off I FLEW to the school...yup I pull up and there was a fire truck with lights on. I ran into the school and they wound me through the hallways and there was my big man snuggled up on Mrs. Willis lap, surround by 3 firemen, hooked up to a few machines.
They were run a blood pressure cuff, checking oxygen levels, taking blood to check sugar levels, ect.
Long story a little bit shorter: He had been outside playing and when he walked back in he felt "wobbly" as he says and then hit the floor. It took them a minute or so to get him responsive again and then he was slightly slurring his words.
By the time I got there he just looked pale...The firemen said all of his numbers looked good and they could not find anything. They suggested it was a combination of heat, dehydration, and anxiety.
I was then able to take him home to go get checked out by our Pediatrician. As we were leaving the school Kody had made it there from work and took him home while I went to go get the girls.
By the time I go home Carter had perked up, he had drank some water and ate some food and seemed good as new jumping off the walls.
The Pediatrician could not get us in until after school and Carter was begging to go back. It was only 12:30 by this point. So Kody and I decieded that he could go back and Kody would just sit in the schools office or library and work until the day was over.
Once they got back to school the Office Staff was shocked to see him, once they gave him the go ahead he headed into class. Kody also ended up being put to work in Kindergarten: running centers, packing up back packs, stacking chairs, wiping down tables, ect....
After school he headed to the doctors who ran more tests and said he looks great...He has the resting heart rate and blood pressure of an athlete.
We barely made it through the 1st day...But needless to say it will be a day we will NEVER forget.
I was so nervous to send him on Tuesday because he had told me the best part of his day was when the firemen came...Ah NO Buddy!
Every time my phone rang on Tuesday I was nervous it was going to be the school. Luckily we made it through the whole week without anything else eventful happening!
IN true Carter fashion it only took him a few hours for the WHOLE staff to know who is.
Here is hoping week 2 will be smooth sailing!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet the Teacher..

We headed off to Meet The Teacher on Thursday and Carter could not be more excited! He was put in Mrs. Willis Class who is FANTASTIC and to make it even better he best friend Alex was also in that class.
Look how cute those 2 are. These 2 have been friends since they were 1 and are a perfect mix. It is pretty funny because they are almost complete opposites of each other but they are so cute together!
Kate thought that she would fit right into Kinder too...She went over and found the kitchen center and was content for the 20 minutes just talking away on the phone. I am not sure where she see's that?!
Such mixed emotions about starting is kinda the beginning of the end. Now he is in for YEARS! I know that he is so excited and so ready but it is just such a big step. I am sad that he is out of my house and watchful eye more then he is in it. He has just had such a little protective bubble surrounded with people who think he is wonderful and great! It is such a double edge sword or watch your kids grow up: so much fun BUT so scary!! You just hope as a parent you have taught them enough!

Chandler Pool

The summer has come to an end for us...If only this stinkin heat would leave with summer being over. We snuck in one more trip to the kids favorite swim spot...
My little fish, Kate is in her element there!
Carter acts likes he owns the joint...Once again the King of the High Dive...

Here he is climbing the ladder...the 9 year old boys behind him were asking how old Carter was. Then they were teasing their friend because he was too nervous to go off and a 5 year old would. Boys they are so mean!

Showing off his new float/back stroke he learned from grandma ski!
Carter even talked Nana into going down with him too...I missed that picture!
Catch me if you can!
Our summer finished with a few more swim parties and LOTS of play dates and indoor activities. It has been a great summer and it is always so sad to be done. I am not ready for early mornings and packing lunches and homework. I think we all are going to be missing Ms. Teddie and her 9am start time. Although I am sad to see summer gone I am already in count down mode until it starts to cool down. Are we there yet?!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I can't even guess how many hours were spent in the pool and hot tub this summer in California...It was the best! A truck full of Popsicle and snacks...

Not to mention the games the kids made fun to watch their imaginations at work. They never got bored because they were coming up with new games:
There she is again with her "lips"!
Another game: Ninja-go...

Plus COUSINS! Cousins are the best!

The 2 year old swimmers....These two got along much better then Carter & Sammie at this age...Thank goodness!

The Pool of Death...
Then of course the favorite thing was being LAUNCHED into the air as high as possible....
They were crazy!!
Of course Kate thinks she is 5 and wanted to be launched too...Dad did not hold back based on age!
Even Wes got in on the mix in his sweet floaty outfit...No way was he going down in that thing!
Sammie Lou....
Kit Kat....
It was magic hours spent in the sad to go back to real life!